Monday, June 29, 2009

Recap on Alberta Art walk + current projects in process

Hello there!
So its Monday and i am sitting at work without any tea! Woe is me. But alas, i feel contented. this past Last Thursday art walk on Alberta st was a blast and i had a lovely relaxing weekend at home with Danny working on various projects and whatnots.
I seem to be pretty low on energy as of late, so its been difficult for me to focus on all my projects in process. But im getting through alright.
June 25th was certainly a much needed burst of inspiration. I love the Last Thursday art walks on Alberta st. The community that comes out, gathering to take part and support in local arts, is really touching. Community is very important right now. i am feeling that more than i ever have in my life, and i am hoping that train of thought is being echoed all over the states. when our system fails us, its time for banding together- grass roots style. i think we are only seeing the beginning of our potentials and this is encouraging to me.
here are some quick shots from the artwalk:
Our set up at Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta
Our set up wasn't nearly as fancy as it has been in the past. Now that times are getting tighter i couldn't afford to take off from work early on Thursday in order to get to Alberta early to grab a good spot. So, we arrived around 3:40. There wasn't enough space to set up our full tent/canopy so we snagged some sidewalk and created our display there. Danny cleverly used some ribbon to fasten the paintings to the fence. we laid out a cloth on the concrete and placed our framed prints, mini paintings and more out on there. Plus we had a small table with our prints and screen prints for sale.
I sat directly across the sidewalk from our display- and set up a lil Face and Body painting area: Face and body painting- Last Thursday artwalk on alberta st
This was my second time taking my face paint with me to the Art walk. When i first get there i take the time to paint myself- in order to have a good example of what i am offering. I usually paint an entire arm and then finish with an example of the sort of painting i do with the face, around my eyes.
I am working with Snazaroo face/body paint. I really love it- its smooth enough for me to get a nice fluid stoke with my paint brush and is great in its ability to grab onto skin while being easily washed away by water. You can also use your basic colors to mix other colors too. i love the versatility and easiness of this paint. its awesomeness! I think my favorite part about painting people is getting to use Pixie dust( glitter ) as a finish. slow intervals i will call out into the crowd "Face and Body painting here- get your face painting here! I have pixie dust! Only one dollar!" Its easy to attract peoples attention when you offer them something for only one buck!
Face painting at the Last Thursday artwalk on Alberta st.
While i do have a lot of lil kids who end up my customers, id say i have about the same amount of adults who end up in my chair as well. I feel this maybe so, since i am not offering the traditional fair face paintings like hearts or rainbows or shamrocks and happy faces. I'm offering a more magical/whimsy, personalized art painting on flesh- and people seem to be really drawn to that idea and eager to see it on themselves. When i am painting people i feel i am honoring the beauty of our bodies- rejoicing in the life within our vassals and helping to remind each person of the powerful loveliness that is our very own, residing always within.
needless to say- i had a very positive experience this past art walk. its always so rejuvenating spiritually, but at times a lil phsycially exhasting. Still, worth it 100 fold.

On to other news: Come July 1st Danny and I will be putting our etsy shop on blowout SALE mode! So keep an eye on our shop this coming month- the sale prices should be super hot!


  1. What a great show! I think it worked out fine that you only had a little spot. And good idea for face painting. I think I'll be doing that next time. I certainly would have made more money than I did at my first craft sale. I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a giveaway on my blog. I haven't worked out all of the logistics yet, but I thought it would be fun to celebrate July (the usually slow month for sales) by having different artists host giveaways every week. It could just be a small item, or a print, anything really. If we market it together, we'd get a great turnout! Let me know what you think. You can email me at

  2. Coolness! hey if you try face painting get some snazaroo- its cheap works great and is nontoxic/waterbased.

    ....i would LOVE to do a blog give away with ya. it will go together nice with my July summer sale. thanks so much for the opp!!!
    i woulld give you an email shortly!

  3. I love your free spirit and your art!!! You're my kinda girl!! Keep up the good work!