Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer SALE!!!!

Summer has officially arrived!
In celebration of this season of abundance Lucid Optic Lab( Danny and I) are doing a HUGE sale for the month of July. We will be releasing more and more items each day into SALE mode in our Online Shop! So, stay tuned and don't miss out on these great prices.

Today's SALE highlights:

Buy it here
Original price:$25.00
SALE price: $19.00!!
white Humongous Fungus screen print
on a purple sleeveless dress
bust 38"
waist 34"
hips 36" im a lil surprised this has not sold already! It would be mine if it were not just a lil too big around the bust line for me, because i love it sooooo much!
This is a vintage purple dress with a white mushroom screen printed onto it by Danny
( Mushroom print designed by danny too) Also, we are still printing the Mushroom print, AKA " Humongous Fungus"- so if you would like to place a speical order for a print of this gorgous fungi, feel free to drop danny an email at and he will take care of everything.

Art SALE on card prints!
buy them here
ART prints for SALE! come get your art prints, here!!
I have slashed the prices of all my 5"x7" fine art prints- they are now on sale for only $5!

buy it here
"the Blue Cacoon"
original price: $40
SALE price: $20!!
original pen n' ink and acrylic painting on canvas
By Chelsea Rose
....This is almost the last one left out of a series of pen and ink drawings i did over solid acrylic color on canvas. See it pictured with all the other pieces of the series: Cosmic Maidens series
Out of this series i only have the blue cocoon one and the purple faery still avilaible for purchase. I would love to see the blue cocoon go to a nice home, hung or displayed somewhere where she will be enjoyed! This is why i have marked this original art piece down to such a low price. So, if you love art and would like to have an affordable ORIGINAL Chelsea Rose painting...this may very well be the item for you!

....for those of you who do not have etsy accounts, you are very welcome to email me directly at: to tell me you'd like to buy an item. You will be able to pay in cash check or credit card( even if you dont have a paypal account)

As i said...we will be listing more and more items on SALE each day of July- so keep an eye out for that speical something, paired with a special price!

This SALE is also a bit in the spirit of fund raising. Times have been a bit tough and so we are in need of help in raising some funds for more art supply- so that we can continue to create and work on our artful projects!

...and remember: It is important as a consumer to realize and fully appreciate the authenticity and pride that shines from hand made artisan art and craft. It is also important as a consumer to realize that by buying handmade goods from individual artists instead of mass produced goods from corporations one is effecting major positivity in the world around them.
Thank you for supporting the artists of today.
Thanks so much for the support!

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