Monday, September 28, 2009

Artwalks, new drawings, News update

Its been a jamm packed, super busy summer! and i suppose that only makes sense since winter was such a freeze in. the balance has certainly been restored and this past season of abundance has really done me some good. I feel i have been very productive especially with how fruitful my lil solo art show ended up. Plus we have been doing sooo well at the local art fairs and farmers markets. its all very encouraging and inspiring.

Speaking of art fairs... this past Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta st. was mad fun as per usual.

here is a picture of our setup:
September's Art walk booth

and i came with my full face/body painting set up and was busy painting all day/all night!
Face and Body painting

This time i seemed to get a lot of face painting requests which was different from the other art walks when everyone wanted a sleeve done up their arm, similar to the way i have my arm painted in the above photo.
doing Face Painting at Last Thursday alberta artwalk
doing Face Painting at the Art walk

We did well and i met some wonderful people, made some great connections. However we were saddened by some things: This time when we showed up to 20th and Alberta to set up like we always do, the entire grassy knoll/field area that usually ends up as a mini Rainbow gathering had a barbed wire fence around it! On the fence were nasty typed signs saying "Absolutely no art fair booths here!"....and then a block away a few entire sides of streets had the same signs posted. It seems that some of the property owners around the area are not so keen about sharing the neighborhood once and month with the art fair. Luckily i feel we have a strong amount of supporters. People understand how important it is to keep Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta going and going strong so i wouldn't be surprised to come next month and see that nasty barbed wire fence taken down. im crossing my fingers!
Despite all that bad weirdness we managed to do well, selling art prints, tie-dye and face paintings : )
....I even met a women who wants to curate a show with my artwork in spring! She is the art curator for a local PDX feminist bookstore called "In Other Words feminist bookstore"
(On the corner of N. Williams Ave. and N. Killingsworth St.) check out the website: I have yet to go into the bookstore but im going to make it this week i hope. The curator seems to want to do a show in April or May. very good and exciting news!

I have some new drawings that i scanned in recently. So far i only have two ready for viewing, so here you go:
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose
...this one is a Harpy. I have been drawing this creatures for the last couple weeks like mad! i think i will be doing a Harpy painting soon. Followed by a Sphinx drawing/painting!

and here is a lil pixie alien goddess lady:
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

...In other news, Danny and I are working on building an art portfolio website for me. So far we have the basic design ready to go and now we have to start collecting all the images of the artwork, sizing them and doing the html coding. The basic design of the site is all hand drawn and scanned in by me. I cant wait to go live with this website because i think its really looking wonderful already! I think this site will be an important tool for me. A good link to put on the back of my business cards! who knows, perhaps it will lead to more shows? Just seems like a good thing to have.

This morning was super chilly- perhaps the first cold day in Autumn. i cant wait to watch the leaves turn everything glitter with frost once again. Halloween in coming up! Cant wait to carve some jack o' lanterns and...i still have to come up with my costume. I seem to end up the same thing each year: some faerie, gypsy, witch lady. Maybe i will change it up this year!

Best wishes and many blessings to all,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I'm very excited that you're making a website! It is such a satisfying feeling. I need to rework mine a bit and add more of my work to the background. I can't wait to see it! I'd love to exchange links with you when your site is up and running!

  2. Thanks very excited. Lets certainly swap links when the time comes!

  3. some faerie gypsy witch lady would be totally appropriate if you were to joins us in the woodsies. just sayin. :) I'm gonna go all piratey, probably.

  4. wonder,

    i got a tent! this increases our chances greatly for attending. and the idea of getting to play dress up with you sweetens the deal!!!!