Monday, September 21, 2009

the Manifestation of My solo art gallery show!

So it all truly materialized!
I took Thursday off from work and met Tiffany Ruth at her art gallery to begin the show set up process.
calm before the storm
We started out by lining up my art pieces along the wall to get an idea of how we were going to map the display. Tiffany Ruth was really the brains behind the display. She has an eye for color and presentation and so she worked her majick and came up with the order in which everything would be hung.
hanging the art
We started hanging my artwork from right to left in a staggered pattern.
Hanging my paintings for the show
Once we got everything up on the wall, then came the tricky part. Tiffany Ruth had a great idea to add some lace suspension. She had been inspired by the way the Victorians used to display their art by suspending them with lace and bow. So in this photo Tiffany Ruth is putting the first ribbon on the display. It was a veryyy tedious process of getting the lace on just right but Tiffany Ruth has some amazing determination and saw the idea through to completion.
We left the gallery at 8:00pm with butterflys in our stomach when thinking about the opening night on Friday.
Friday came quickly and before i knew it, it was 6 o clock and time for the show.

here are some snapshots danny took for me during the opening:
through the window
from the outside looking in
my solo art opening
and some insider snapshots:
my art opening

opening night for my art show
All in all, my art opening was a blessing and a true success. Thanks so much for all the support and love cuz thats what made this a great thing for me. I had a good turn out and sold 5 art pieces the first night! Met some really amazing people and had some super inspired conversations and made some great connections. In a sense i am relived that the big opening is over with because I am ready to focus on doing some more creating! i am full and bursting at the seems with a wealth of heightened inspiration. I have 12 14"x14" box gallery framed blank canvas that i am itching to begin a new series on. If i can manage to work all those Tiffany and I will be doing another show come next summer! So, yes- its been a truly blessed experience and i feel so very fortunate to have had this amazing thing materialize in my life. I'm hoping that this marks a new chapter for myself and my art and i cant wait for the next show to manifest its self in my life and the art community.

-Chelsea Rose


my show will be up for another month and a half so if you happen to be in the Portland OR area in that time frame, go ahead and stop by and check it out!

Chelsea Rose Art Gallery Show

Chelsea Rose Spirit Paintings
Angels, Faerie Guides, Aliens
T.Ruth Artspace
2403 NW Thurman, Portland OR
Art gallery open Tuesday-Saturday 12:30pm to 6pm


  1. How exciting and everything looks great.

  2. Julia,

    Thanks so much! it really was an awesome experience.

  3. The exhitbition looks Wonderful!!! And congratulations on your sales!

  4. It looks gorgeous! Great idea with the lace and ribbons. I think it tied in well with your outfit too. :)

  5. I am so proud of you! The yellow walls really made your pieces pop out. The ribbon idea was really cool.
    Love you!
    Aunt Char

  6. Megan,
    Thanks very much! i really loved the lace. i feel it made the show extra special...and im glad you saw that my lace dress matched the display! i had so much fun that night.

    Aunt Char,
    I am glad you mentioned the wall color because i really loved having my pieces on that warm yellow instead of the usual white walls. I love T.Ruth's space and i cant wait to work with her more on creative projects!
    Thanks for the support, as always.
    Love ya!

  7. Chelsea,

    I'm such a fan! I just came across your work tonight. It's so exciting and inspiring. Let me know if you ever do any kind of show in the NYC area. Also, take a look at my stuff:

    Keep up the great work!!
    - Jes Stanley