Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall colors: New Painting in Progress + plans for Halloween

I love fall with its psychotic explosion of color. The trees up here in Portland Oregon really go nuts this time of year glittering in golds, oranges, to neon pink in the howling wind. And its rubbing off on me thus inspiring my recent acrylic painting titled "Wind Spirit."
Let me fill you in on what I have done on this painting so far.
First off it was based on one of my most recent pen and ink illustrations:
Air Spirit
I then used my "Tracer Art Projector" to transfer my pen and ink drawling onto a 14"x14" box frame gallery wrapped stretched canvas that I had painted my background color on.

In my last blog I had someone ask me to take a picture or a video clip of how I go about doing my "art projections" so here I give you a slightly manic 36 sec. crappy web cam video of my projection process.( terribly sorry about the quality)
Click HERE to view it on my flickr account.
Description of the image transfer process via art projector:
...I have a rinky-dink set up consisting of a "Tracer" art projector that I bought off of craigslist for $20. Here I use a djembe drum with a thick book ontop to serve as a platform to put my print to be transferred + my art projector. I then turn the projector on, spend some time lining up the projected image correctly with the painted canvas. Once I have the projection where I want it I use my Faber castell India ink pens to trace over the projection.
After I am done with my projection I am left with the black outlines to begin to fill in with my color layers and highlights.

here is what my painting looks like after the first laying down of color/highlights( not finished!)
Fall progress
Over this past weekend I did more work to it so I will have to take a new process picture soon before I finish the painting.
As you can see im enjoying our pumpkins.
Danny and I plan on carving them tomorrow. On Thursday we will be doing the last art fair of the year before the season is over. We will be at Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta St Oct. 29th around Alberta st and 20th with a full booth of art for sale + I will be doing face and body painting and we will have our jack o lanterns aglow infront of our booth! Should be fun, I will be decked out in costume and so will danny. Come visit us if you are in the area.
After Thursday we will be scrambling on Friday to get our car ready for our camping trip down in Wolf Creek Oregon on the Radical faerie sanctuary. We will be visiting our dear friends Randy and Tim whom we have not seen in a long time. I now have a tent so danny and I wont have to sleep in our car- yippiie! I will be bringing my face paint. My friend Randy Wonder Tooth has agreed to let me paint him from head to toe as the 'Green Man', I cant wait! On Sunday the sanctuary will be honoring Samhain with a ritual. It sounds like its going to be a lovely couple of days. We will leave Sunday evening to get home in time to grab a few ZZs before I have to head off for work on Monday.
So thats our plans for this years Halloween experience.
In Portland the air has already grown pretty cold. Its 9:00am right now and its super dark outside, pouring rain with howling winds. Im watching it all from my window, cozy with a big cup of Chamomile tea.
I hope everyone is enjoying this season before winter gets here and the trees are all naked!
Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I wish our leaves had lasted longer. The snow came a bit too soon so all the leaves on the ground are green. The Radical Faerie retreat sounds AWESOME!! I wish I could go! It would be so much fun! I'd love to watch a ritual for Samhaim, or a Jewish wedding for that matter. Silly Lutherans and our boring services. I hope your last art fair goes well!

  2. Hi My name is Roy, I too use a device to transfer an image. You might find my invention useful, it is called SimmTrace. You can make your own, the simple software is free. A couple of videos are on the site. You only need a pc with a cheap webcam! I think it would suit your way of working, and you can transfer the image in daylight! I found you because I have an alert setup for art tracer. Just love todays 'net!
    Perhaps you could give me your opinion?


    Roy Simmons.

  3. Hey, I was the one who requested this -- thanks a lot! :D

  4. Megan- you guys have snow already!? craziness. Thanks for the well wishes, as always : )

    Roy- interesting product. If you’d like to send me a fee sample/device i would be happy to write a review for you.

    Anonymous- im glad you saw the video! I know the quality was horrible so I am not sure if it helped at all but at least it illustrates how haphazard my approach is to it. For me, i don’t think there is a trick to it. Its always a hardship to get the projection to line up the way you want and be sharp. Trial an error, at least that’s how it is for me until i fall upon some funds and am able to invest in better equipment and studio space. Till then I will make do : )

  5. You should totally go to Coachella this year and do body paintings!
    I would totally get it done.
    Stay creative!