Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My new artist portfolio website is up! plus painting news

So, I am really excited...Danny made me my own personal artist web portfolio!
The man really does have some mad design skills, and I get to reap the benefits!
.... I am truly a spoiled brat.
check the website out for yourself ChelseaRoseArt.com
...I did take some screen shots:
Chelsea Rose Art.com

This is the home/landing page.
For the website borders( the flowery vine stuff) danny had printed out basic guidelines to the way the webpages would be layed out. He then had me draw/doodle around the boarders with my India ink pens. Once i was done he scanned in my drawings and used my doodles to create all the main frames/boarders of the site. i really love the personal touch/whimsy vibe the hand drawn boarders brought to the site.

Chelsea Rose Art.com

This is a screen shot of the Paintings gallery. This is the same format used for the rest of the galleries including the "about" page as well. You click the thumbnails on the left and the corresponding art piece pops up in the main window.
....so now i have to get business cards printed up so i can put my fancy sleek website on the back!
Big thanks to my love Danny.
He is certainly a jack of many trades: an amazing photographer, illustrator, designer, photo retoucher, musician, poetry writer and much more.
Yes, he is available for commissions. Please feel free to contact him: danny@lucidopticlab.com for all your design, website, photography, photo editing/retouching needs.
In other news:
Im almost done with this "Posy Nymph" faery painting.
and i thought i would give you a lil glimps into my cozy home studio space.
cozy in my home studio
I am not done yet. im still trying to come up with a better color scheme for the scale crown part just above her third eye jewel. I am thinking perhaps a lighter color palette would work better. maybe lavender? not sure yet i will have to experiment a bit more with this one.
painting the Nymph Posy
I am really not a fan of pink. This was the first time i have used pink as a background color for one of my paintings. So i struggled with this piece some. I feel I have made peace with it however and i do hope the color combos comes across harmoniously. I only have an hour or two worth of work left on this piece so hopefully i will find some time within the week to get it done and then i will take photos of the finished painting.
so another update is soon to come.
till then, best wishes and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose

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