Monday, May 3, 2010

May is here- new beginnings!

So its May already? That means my two gallery shows have come to an end. On Sunday i went to InOtherWords feminist bookstore to take down my artwork which had been on display for the entire month of April. Today after work i go downtown to grab my artwork from the Practical Magic show. It was a great month with wonderful opportunities! I'm excited to see what May has in store.
...Speaking of new beginnings Danny and I had our rental applications approved for a glorious 2 bedroom apartment that we have had our eye on for a couple weeks now. Thus...we will be moving in another week! And yes...this does in fact mean i finally get an art room vs an art corner!
So on Saturday we went on over to the rental office and put a deposit down that takes the place off the market. We will be signing contracts come Wednesday...and then the moving maddess will begin!
Danny got a new lens for his camera so i was playing with it over the weekend. Its an 18-55mm ...which is significantly wider then his other lens. The wider lens really allows for more versatility. It can focus up to 11 inches close to the subject...and captures so much more of the suroundings too!
...i also found out that i can actually take pictures of myself using this lense without having to set up a tripod:
dread cam
so are a few shots done in the oh so cliché "stretch you arm out far enough and snap your photo" self portrait way. Fun huh?
my dreads are about 16 months old now. they stopped shrinking but they still seem to be getting fatter. cant wait till i finally grow some length.

danny dread
here is a snapshot i took of danny as he was daydreamin on the couch. He was talking about cutting off his dreadlocks once we are finished moving to the new apartment as a sort of "cleansing" ritual sorta thing. I am going to miss his dreadies. This is the longest he has ever had his hair.

I also wanted to share a goodie i got in the mail on Friday:
new wrap
My Aunt Char sent me this really cool head wrap in the mail. It was a great surprise and the wrap is super bright and colorfull.
I loved what the label said- " Life is an illusion, dress accordingly."
Thanks Aunt Char! I love it :)

So thats about it! It may prove to be a busy week. We have to find some moving boxes and start packing all the books and trinkets. Im really looking forward to this move. Change can be a beautiful thing.

I wish you all health, happiness and success in this new month!
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Congrats on getting a great new apartment with more space! It is wonderful having an area to make art in. I like the warrior woman pose a lot; there is strength and yet the belly does seem vulnerable too.

  2. "Life is an illusion, dress accordingly"
    LOVE it!

    Congrats on the new art ROOM vs. corner. I am dreaming of that day myself - a room with a door please to keep the drifting cat hairs out of the final varnish! Cuddling with Sushi looks like it was intensely therapeutic! : )

  3. Lrc,
    Glad you enjoyed the Warrior yoga pose. I loved Michelle's input- her poses were wonderful and telling of inner wisdoms new and old :) Thank you.

    Thanks for the kind words Gwen!
    drifting cat hairs and varnish dont mix and i have had that same exact problem myself! I have a feeling though...that it may be very difficult to keep sushi cat from the art room. I dont know what it is but anytime i am doing something remotely art related he is fascinated and will sit and watch entranced. Strange kitten.
    thanks for the kind words Gwen!