Friday, May 7, 2010

A new drawing and stuff on SALE

Hello all!
Not much has been going on other then gearing up the mind, body and stuff for the move to a new apartment.
But i did do some doodling a few nights ago:
Fanged and Feathered
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose) i thought i would share.

I have also done some more painting on my current work in progress. Now i have gone in and done a dark vignette around the subject while adding more highlights and shading into the main details. I'm pretty much finished now i just have to work on the hopefully i will have some time this weekend to get it done and photographed to share come Monday. We shall see...i might be busy garage sale hunting for rugs, sofas, dressers and patio chairs. Wish me luck!

In the meantime i wanted to announce a few items i have put into SALE mode in our etsy shop:

I put three of my art prints on special discount:
a trio of high quality 5"x7" digital art prints
original artwork by Chelsea Rose

Limited time offer:
Buy all three of the displayed art prints for just $10
(normally priced at $7 each)

Going from left to right, I am pleased to introduce you to the Debutant,the Poetess and Masquerade Ball. I decided to put these three art prints of mine on SALE for the month of March in honor of Mother's day and spring cleaning!
click here to view the SALE listing.

Also up for SALE:
Purple Mushroom screen print Dress
Purple Mushroom screen print dress!
Original price: $30
SALE price: $20
click here to see sale listing for more details and photos!

...its hard to believe this dress hasn't sold yet. Its perfect for spring and summer. ...this is truly a one of a kind dress, you wont find another like it! The purple dress was found in a super groovy thrift shop and it had just begged for a new creative makeover. Danny hand designed the mushroom and then hand screen printed it onto the dress and a few other shirts. The screen print has since been retired and this is one of the few articles of clothing with the print that has yet to sell! If you are a lover of Mushrooms...and purple, how could you resist!?

So thats it for now folks!
Have a wonderful weekend, peace be with you.
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Good luck with the garage sale hunting :) I always have better luck with estate sales for furniture. Beautiful work.

  2. Thanks Erika! I did spot a few estate sales that i will be hunting at tomorrow if all goes well. I see you are in Portland too! Always so awesome to meet other local artists.
    Best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose

  3. oooo estate sales are cool although I haven't been to one in awhile...I wish you luck with your search! I love the mushroom print dress and what a deal! I hope people realize just what good deals you are offering...

  4. Thanks for the kind words as always! yes...good deals indeed. :P
    I have not been to many estate sales but the ones i have been to were interesting. Its strange to sift through someones life thats on sale.

  5. Thanks so much for the support! The prints are yours indeed. I am happy they found a good home! Shipping out to you today.