Monday, May 10, 2010

The Space art collective grand opening and weekend progress

Danny and I had a tun of fun on Friday.
We drove over to Vancouver Washington for the First Friday art shenanigans that included The Space art collectives grand opening night!
It was a total swoon. i am in love!
There was drumming, poetry reading, live community painting, local music, face painting and more!
Here is a peek into the drum circles:

( photos and compilation by the dear Anni Becker )
The beats were strong and full of wonderful intent!
It lasted for a good while before coming to a close so that we could enjoy more local musics.

and then came the live community canvas painting:

( more wonderful photos by friend and photographer Anni Becker)
Here you can see Danny jumping into the community canvas at full throttle- painting Ganesha!

This was the end result of the live community canvas free for all painting:

( another photo by Anni!)
a wondrous, spontaneous community creation.
As Danny helped paint the community piece i was busy giving and receiving face paintings!!

face painting in The Space
( photo by Danny)
And thus the face painting madness began. Here i am painting Kelly Keigwin(a dear heart and amazing artist) ....and not for the first time either. i have a feeling this will become a well cherished ritual at such art collective opening nights and i look forward to many more!

( photo by Kelly Keigwin)
here i am painting Colleen! Another main member and creator at The Space art collective, whom i truly enjoy interacting and trading creative energy with!

( photo by Kelly Keigwin)
and here i am painting Anni's face...which she then turned around and painted my own- imagine my delight!

(photo by Kelly Keigwin)

and so here we were:
Painted Ladies
(photo by Danny)
...i dare say a wondrous time was had by all!
On our way home Danny and I stopped by the Guerilla Gallery to enjoy some late night musical musing from more local artists.
I went home with a big goofy Cheshire grin on my face.

The rest of the weekend seemed to pass in a blurr. On Saturday Danny and I drove all around town hunting for treasure at estate and garage sales. Since we will be moving soon we are lookin for some new area rugs and furniture. We found a super groovy lavender shag carpet that was huge along with a few other awesomely wonderful area rugs, end table, book shelf and much more. We filled up our car's hatch back and decided to call it quits for the day.
Sunday we enjoyed the morning, danny made soyrizo breakfast tacos. We then took a nice long walk around the neighborhood( trying to make sure we do get some regular exercise)....the weather was perfect. The sun was up but not glaring and the breeze was choice and comfortable. By the end of the day however, the sky turned grey again so we headed in doors and got a lot of packing done( it finally does feel like we are moving!)
So that wraps up the weekend bizz. i didnt get much of any work in on any of my art projects- in fact most of my art supply is already packed and ready to be relocated. So we shall see when i get to finished my current work in progress, perhaps it will be sometime we move and the dust has a chance to settle.

Hope all is well with everyone and that the weekend was sweet.
best wishes for this new week.

Many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. That looks like so much fun! I wonder if I can find a drumming group around here.

  2. It was tons of fun! and it had been way too long since danny and I could put our drums to use.
    I do hope you find a drumming group around town. if not...why not start one? :)

  3. I love all of the mutual face painting! Its been too long since I've painted anyone's face...its so fun...

  4. really cool pics, and you are a very talented artist! i felt like i was there with the drummers! wow and the circle of face painting was interesting.

  5. I love all the face paintings it reminds me of the maori

  6. thanks for the wonderful comments.
    i have a feeling now that the sun is out shining there will be much more opportunity to drum, face paint and commune.

    Pro-Portional, thanks much! i have heard that my body painting is reminiscent of the Maori's sacred body art. very interesting!