Friday, September 10, 2010

The making of Perception Mandala screen print + more

Made it to Friday not without a few bumps along the way...but here we are. Another weekend is on its way. If only i could motivate myself to finish my Mermaid painting....she is almost done, i am not sure why i have had no interest to work on her what so ever. I guess i will just have to chain myself to my painting table till its done this weekend! We shall see...

Danny just recently created a new silkscreen:

Blue Perception Mandala silkscreen
8.75" x 11"
hand printed by the artist onto green washed watercolor paper
-Just listed this print into our etsy shop for $25. check out the listing here.

This silkscreen was created using the drawing fluid/screen filler method of production instead of the photo emulsion process. Personally i much prefer this drawing fluid method and had used it in creating my first two silkscreen prints: "The Goddess in All of Us" and "Behold."

What is super cool is we were able to fully document the creation process for the "Perception Mandala" drawing fluid silkscreen.
Check it out:
making a screen
The first 6 photos show the design being hand painted onto the screen using the blueish colored "drawing fluid."
The next 15 photos show the design fully painted on the screen and the process of spreading the "screen filler" which is reddish colored over the design and the entire screen.
The next 6 images show how the drawing looks with its coat of screen filler- also shows how the drawing fluid begins to crack as the screen filler dries.
The last three images show Danny rinsing the screen which ,as seen in the last photo, removed the blue drawing fluid to reveal empty screen where the design was drawn.
Thus, the "drawing fluid" resits the screen filler which then creations a workable silkscreen.
Interesting, no?

And here is a print done on a cotton shirt:
Perception Mandala silkscreen shirt
This shirt is listed for sale in our etsy shop. Its going for $15. check out the listing here.
....if the shirt is too small, or you want it in a different color and shirt style please don't hesitate to request a custom order!

In other news, we also just listed a new tie dye skirt:

New tie dye creation + silkscreen shirt
We are calling this tie dye creation " Purple Sky Maiden."
I listed her in our shop last night and she has already been put on hold/reserved for one of our frequent patrons. But have no fear- more tie dye is soon to appear.

More art, coming soon.
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab


  1. That mermaid painting is really amazing chelsea. I want to see the finished product.

    I started drawing again, after so much time. I'm keeping a sketchbook to get my brain back into it. I post it on a blog. have look if you wish.

    eventually i want to get back into painting. I'm starting to feel the ideas again.

  2. Beautiful Mandala design! I love the color choice of green on turquoise.

  3. Nathan- my dear friend! I am very excited to see your drawing work- very pleased that you are at it again. I will put your blog on my "blog roll" so i can keep up with your posts.
    Thanks for the encouragement on the mermaid painting- we have been fighting for months now but i managed to finish her over the weekend. yayness, indeedy.
    Please do paint soon!

    Miss Val- Seems this Mandala design is a hit thus far! I loved Danny's choice of color as well- very soothing.