Monday, September 20, 2010

Spirit Walker pen and ink drawing + painting in progress and new tie dye shirts

This weekend was one of those rainy, stay at home, draw, bake goodies and watch a bunch of movies kind of weekend.

I drew Spirit Walker:
Spirit walker
( original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)
I have made 5"x7" prints of her available on etsy- click here!

and then i hastened to start a lil painting of her:
Spirit painting work in progress in progress shot of my lil painting. I think its a 6" x 9" stretched canvas piece. I wanted to do her large initially since she has lots of detail and the image is long but realized i had this 6" x 9" to work on. I guess small is better these days because if patron's are interested in purchasing they are generally less then the bigger paintings. But i really do adore working larger and have often dreamed of doing a mural- it will happen one day!

Speaking of big check this out:

A photograph from my body painting series has been hung in the Portland Museum of Art!!!

...just kidding...
I WISH i could print my photos this big and have a place to display them but no. I had waaay to much fun playing with this website.

In other news..... new tie dye creations for sale:

Divine Purple Green tie dye shirt
size: large
bust: 40"
hips: 50"
On sale for $20. check out the shop listing here.

Also done up in Green and Blue:

Green Blue Vortex tie dye shirt
100% cotton
bust: 43"
hips: 44"
also selling for $20 here.

and lastly:

Divine Blue Green Spiral tie dye
100% cotton

Size: 2XL
bust: 48"
hips: 50"

also for $20 here. 13th body painting session of my series was canceled for the 18th and is now on for the 25th. So hopefully some new body painting photos shall be created soon and i shall be sharing them next week.

Peace n Love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Well, I just love Spirit Walker, she is soooo cute. I like the dreaded hair, too. Way cool, sister.

  2. I too love the Spirit Walker, I love the gold around the figure on the painting.

  3. LOVE the gallery thing! *laughing* When I get some time, after my double art show opening (good God why can't these things be spaced out?!) this Saturday. Looks like a hoot!

  4. So, we have a barn expansion... it needs painting... and I've been thinking of asking you to paint a mural on it. And then you go and post that you've always dreamed of painting a mural.

    I have no idea how to work out the details... but I figure I should ask before I even try to think about the details... Would you be interested in painting one of the walls in the back of the barn at the Sanctuary?

    If you're into it, I'll see what I can do to get the community on board and get paints donated or whatever. Again, not so sure about the details yet.

    Sound like something you'd be down for?

  5. Glad the spirit walker is being enjoyed!

    That sounds like so much fun- wouldn’t it be wonderful indeed? I wont set my heart on it just yet- we shall see how the community feels about a mural. I am already thinking up ideas for it :)
    miss you and much love always!

  6. Let me know if you ever do the tiedye in youth tshirt sizes.

  7. Hey there :)
    Yes, indeed- we do tie dye in youth size t-shirt also but since we dont have any kid models we never get around to loading those onto our etsy. We usually sell those at the local art fairs or in boutiques. I can load some up for you if youd like to take a look- ill just pin the to the wall so you can see the patterns/color and i can list the bust and hip measurements. whatever works best :)