Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Pen and Ink drawings + weekend projects and news

3 day weekends are a total blessing, i got a lot of work done!
Too bad i was oblivious to this fact come Monday morning. I got up for work 10 mins after my alarm was to go off... so i threw on my clothes, grabbed a hard-boiled egg and ran out the door to get to my bus stop. Got there 2 mins early and waited....and waited...and waited and then thought to-myself " why have i only seen a few cars go bye? why is this Monday so eerily quiet?" And... then i looked across the street to a stores signboard that read " Happy Labor day!"
.... So i laughed at myself, went home, watched "Howls Moving Castle" for probably the 42nd time and did some drawing:
Tree Maiden
Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

-this was drawn for a commission I am working on currently. A patron requested I do smaller somewhat more "approachable" version of my other tree maiden painting called Rainbow Roots Dread Goddess. Hopefully she likes this preliminary drawing and i will soon be painting her on canvas.

I like the drawing enough to be considering offering prints of her for sale. what do you think?

Saturday and Sunday were also project filled art days.
As you can see my art table got quite busy in the process which resulted in a few finished pieces done in my pen and ink over acrylic style.
And if you are curious about how i make these here is the scoop:
more ink over acrylic
First i start out by painting a canvas or board with a single color of acrylic paint. I am then using india ink pens to draw directly ontop of the acrylic color. Often i am by hand reproducing some of my original drawings this way and because of this hands on process each one comes out slightly different in lineweight and detail. I have found this process works really well in creating an elegant and original art piece that i can sell for a very affordable price.
I have many more available for purchase in my etsy shop.

Also, over the weekend i had fun matting and framing some of my recent 4" x 6" watercolor paintings:
Watercolor display
......i found it really interesting how different the paintings looked when framed! Honestly its the first time i have nicely framed any of my work and i really enjoyed it. Too bad matting and framing can be so expensive because it can really make a huge difference presentation wise.

...Anyhow the ongoing list of projects continue. For this week's Friday blogpost i will be showing a step by step "work in progress" documentation involving silk screening and the drawing fluid method.
I also have a few body painting sessions coming up so stay tuned.

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I like the new 'approachable' drawing...I like how she is inbetween tree and woman. I love the framed watercolors! I look forward to more body painting!

  2. I really do like the commissioned piece and yes, prints would be a very good idea.
    You may want to check out Frankenframes.com for cheaper prices and Dickblick's seems to have some nice ones for cheaper as well.
    Nice work, as usual, my friend : )

  3. Thanks muchly so! Then i think i will turn her into a print :)

    ....i shall check out those links too...framing has become irresistible to me now that i have discovered its greatness.

    I have a commissioned body painting for Thursday and one of my own body paintings scheduled for Saturday.