Monday, November 1, 2010

Devine Dyad finished painting + Upcoming Culture Control Gallery Show

I finished my painting!
Divine Dyad
14" x 14" original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

...ah ha! i finished her. This one went fairly quick. I posted some process shots earlier to document the creative journey. You can check those out here.
I was happy to finish her in time so that i could enter her into the Culture Control show that is to open this coming Saturday. I actually have 2 paintings in the show and Danny has around 5(silkscreen/paper marbling work):

Culture Control v.2

The second annual Culture Control, this is an all day music/art festival showcasing talent that you just won't see anywhere else in Vancouver.

We will have two venues going this year, one at Paper Tiger Coffee from 11am-10pm, the other next door simultaneously at NW Shirts from 6pm-12am.

Musicians playing every hour all day, art filling every square inch of wall space. This is a chance to come out and show your support for a growing cultural scene in Vancouver.

Recap of last years show

Saturday, Nov. 6th

11am-10pm @ Paper Tiger Coffee
703 Grand Blvd.

6pm-12am @ NW Shirts
807 Grand Blvd.
Vancouver, WA

Paper Tiger Coffee
NorthWest Shirts

For questions call Olin @ 360-518-9738

...And Happy Samhain! My costume for this year:
Soggy Halloween on Alberta st.
I am not quite sure what i was but i think it was something akin to a faery godmother of sorts. In this photo you see Tiffany, gallery owner of T.Ruth artspace dressed as the Corn Goddess + talented artist Julie as a pixie with a mini tophat. It was a super rainy night, thus my hoop skirt ended up doing some streetsweepin/streetcleanin.

....So yes, Happy Samhain! feelin the thinness of the veil and opening my heart to loved ones who have passed. accepting the end of summer and embracing fall and the inevitable quite of winter.
much love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Good luck Chelsea hope you get some interest and you sell well at the show, the culture control festival sounds great, pity i'm thousands of miles away in England would have liked to attended it myself, you are definitely looking the artist in your dress :-)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. No, grammar mistakes on blogs don't annoy me. It's more in public setting where people are trying to be pompous with their statements (or are supposed to be right - like the newspaper). I'm glad I was able to help! I wish you great luck with the show! Your skirt is amazing, by the way.

  3. Hi Aaron, Thanks for the well wishes!

    Megan, I will probably be back to take up your amazingly affordable offer for editing services. I am currently on page 16 of my sci-fi/fantasy novelette. I will have to get a quote from you when I’m ready to have the work edited!