Monday, February 14, 2011

New drawing and the Portland Love Show 2011

This weekend was both relaxing and exciting.

During the relaxing part i drew this and watched movies:
psyche faery
(pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

and the exciting part of the weekend was The Portland Love Show 2011 !!!
Here are some photos from the opening night:
My Painting at the Love Show
My mermaid painting and I flexing our third eyes at the opening party. There was so much art to behold!

My Goddess In All Of Us piece
Here I am admiring the placement of our Goddess In All Of Us body painting photograph. Danny and I put it in as a collaboration under our company name Lucid Optic Lab. I painted the model from head to toe with waterbased body paint. He did the amazingly seamless photo composite/retouching as well as directed the model in her arm posing as i took photos. The finished work of art is a true labor of love and artistic collaboration between the two of us. I feel we got one of the best placements in the show so we are just thrilled and inspired by it all.

Portland Love Show 2011
Here is Danny standing in front of his Ganesha Ebru mono print/silkscreen print piece. He had a great spot too, right above the artwork that was on this year's show flier. It really stood out!

The Love Show
The opening night was packed! People were everywhere and it was an eclectic mix of souls.

I urge you to check out the show! Its at Gallery Homeland. They keep regular business hours. For more info go here

For those who are far far away and cant make it or perhaps want a taste before treckin on over Danny took a video "walk through" tour of the entire show for your viewing pleasure:

Hope you enjoy!

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab

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  1. Such a great show, I saw your piece it was in a great spot. :)