Friday, February 4, 2011

Portland Love Show 2011

The 6th annual Portland Love show is poppin up now that we are into February.
Danny and I are excited to participate, this will be our 2nd year in the show.

"The show was initially a response to the annual deluge of heterosexist, consumerist, romance-centric advertising that Americans experience each year leading up to Valentine’s Day, but over the course of the last 5 years, it has evolved into a diverse and complicated multimedia art happening in the hands of the participating artists." ( taken from )

This year we put in a collaboration piece under Lucid Optic Lab:
Queen Omega
This piece was a labor of love for both Danny and I. I painted and photographed the model. Danny directed the model in her arm poses and then created this magnificent many armed photo comp.
Piece titled " The Goddess In All Of Us"
she is a 24"x24" fine art laminated print on 1" thick gaterboard.
We feel the piece fits well into the theme of "love", since its a visual respresenation of Divine cosmic energy- the voice of the universe which many philosophers have referred to as the Love vibration.
Look for the Goddess in the Love show!

The piece I am putting in under my name is this one:
Mermaid Dreams
(acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose)
for the love show i titled it " This Lucid Dream"
24"x24" original acrylic painting on canvas
I have always loved mermaids..since i was a wee lil sprout. I have been drawing bare chested mermaids since age 5 so i guess i found my artistic style pretty earlie on :P Mermaids and their folklore have always been heavily steeped in love, passion, allure and lust so in a sense i feel they are an iconic symbol of love. Here my mermaid hugs herself, an innocent expression or self love or perhaps a gesture of rapt longing.
Be on the lookout for this merlady, she will be at the show floating somewhere amidst the horde.

Danny's piece for the love show is awesome:
Ganesh Ebru
original handmade two layer acrylic ebru(turkish paper marbling) mono-print with Ganesh screen print on kozo paper.
19" x 24"

I filmed Danny doing the 2nd layer of ebru for this piece.
Check it out:

The Ebru creation process is pretty neat huh?

So yes, come check out The Portland Love show! This year there are over 300 participating artists. Opening Saturday, February 12th, 2011
Free! All-Ages!!

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. ooo I really like the piece you entered, the expression of her longing or self love is wonderful! I wish you much joy at this show!

  2. Chels, pretty neat is an understatement! That's amazing! And let's hear a little huzzah for Turkish crafts, eh? ;) I really love the pieces you're putting in the show, especially the mermaid. Her bubbles are so rad.

  3. Great post. I LOVE the Mermaid.
    mic. xxx