Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long weekend filled with artly goodness

I am feeling much refreshed after the 3 day weekend.
On Saturday Danny Ebru and I did great selling our artwork down at the Portland Saturday Market.
On Sunday I concentrated on adding a bit more color ideas to my current acrylic painting in the works. Here is a snapshot of my progress so far:
my art corner
Im still working out the colors and patterns of her dress. A portion of the original dress pattern that I marked out wasn't pleasing me so I whited out what I had and plan to start on it again soon.

In addition to my painting project I also went outside into the field in front of our home and spent a half hour picking black berries from which I made a pie. I used a gluten/wheat free flour and honey instead of sugar and I am happy to report it turned out rather yummly indeed. Oh and baked some cornbread too!

On Monday I slept in a bit, did some work around the home and then Danny and I settled back into our art studio and continued to work on our projects:
Three Day Weekend
Danny was working on hand painting a silkscreen of a six armed sri shiva...cant wait to see what comes of it!

More artly goodness coming soon.

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose

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  1. Ahh you have great light in your art studio. So good for the soul. Glad you had a refreshing weekend. Those are important. Have a great rest of your week!