Sunday, July 8, 2012

5th Earth Goddess body art photography shoot!!!

On Saturday I did the 5th body painting/ photoshoot of my Earth Goddess series :

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess
body art photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Bran

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess
body art photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Bran

....This shoot was the most challenging of the series so far but I am very excited with what we came away with. 

The creative process went something like this:

Work In Progress

We decided to rent motel rooms( Thanks so much kickstarter backers!) in Oceanside for Friday night so that we could wake up at 3am and I could get to painting.  We were all pretty groggy and it was super weird waking up so early but we managed and I was done with the full body painting by 5:30am.

Earth Goddess - Oregon coast photo shoot

We got to the beach by 6am and I was super happy that we had decided to begin the creative process so early( even if it was a bit painful) because we had the entire beach to ourselves with some lingering misty/fog clinging to the horizon lines. It was so beautiful! My model Bran braved the cold early morning, sand bugs, rock climbing and so much more. She really deserves a big thank you for being so courageous and being willing to step out of her comfort zone for the sake of art!

Oh, and of course we also made time to poke around in the lush tide pools that were exposed due to the extremely dramatic low tide. There were so so so many sea anemones and star fish!

Anyhoo, my next photoshoot is planned for the weekend of the 21st. I think it will be a fascinating session if I can manage to pull it off. I will be painting three women in one sitting. Wish me luck!!

In other news, I am still painting and drawing as my messy art table can attest to:

My messy art table
messy means progress!

Work in progress. Interesting to look in black and white.
and here is a little black and white shot of my current acrylic painting in the works. This photo was taken a few weeks back when I was feeling stuck. Its interesting how looking at some of my super colorful work in black and white can really help me figure things out and break various mental blocks down. I just finished this painting today, so full color photos will be up soon!

And I have begun dragging around a sketch book, small enough to fit inside my purse:

Winged Goddess
Yet another mermaid drawing
When I was younger I was practically inseparable to my sketch books. I am happy to be getting back in the habit of always having one near.

Anyhoo, lots of new art is coming soon. Keep an eye out.

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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