Monday, January 19, 2009

Merry Meet

Hello there,

I very interested in meeting more like-minded peoples as well as promoting my art work( for sale on etsy, thats: )
You can find more of my work on flickr as well:

So let me tell you a bit about myself :

My art is the key of my shamanic journey. I create to reconnect with myself as well as the most high. As a whole our species has lost sight of our most important path: our spirit path. We have been distracted and degraded by our hierarchies, technologies and institutions. I produce art in an effort to reestablish my roots in an effort to re connect myself with the earth and its energies...letting the cosmic vibrations swell up within me. My creations are smoke signals and guides for myself and for those who are on their own journeys, reaching out to re grasp the roots of our souls and understand once again the cosmic truth of unity.

My name is Chelsea Rose.I grew up in Venice beach CA. I now live in Oregon amongst the cedar, red woods and Douglas fur trees. When I am not out working I am home creating. I use a lot of different artistic mediums. Right now I am concentrating on acrylic painting primarily. I am also a photographer. I love to draw in pen and ink. Watercolor is exciting. I love to play with mixed media art pieces. Experimentation is key.

Lucid Optic lab is a creative collaboration between my partner, Danny Rodriquez and I. here is the Lucid Optic Lab flickr account: That account is maintained by Danny. He has a lot of his political art up and a lot of design work, as well as samples of our photo retouching services and lots more other goodies. We offer a lot: photographic services, web/design services, photo retouching + we are both artists with lots of work ready and waiting to be sold to the right individual. If you have any questions or comments please give us a note on either flickr accounts, on our etsy account or directly to our email box:

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