Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Painting in process

So I always seem to have 5 or more paintings that I am working on at one time. This can be good in the sense that while I wait for one to dry I can paint another, or if I get really tired of one painting I can work on a different one. Right now I am trying to dedicate some time to this one, pictured below( sorry for the bad image quality)Painting in progress because I am really not thrilled with the results so far at all. I had high expectations because I based it off this drawing: Eagle Goddesswhich I had a lot of fun doodling.....its not coming out anything like I imagined. Perhaps its time to take this painting toward a different direction? I am trying not to give up on this one....its a tuffy.
Perhaps sometimes these pen and ink drawings of mine should just stay pen and ink illustrations. Really, I think I should have done this painting on a larger scale so I could get more detail in....
I am not thrilled with the colors I chose either so I may rework the color scheme a bit. I will post an updated shot once I get some progress on this painting. We shall see how it turns out in the end....


  1. Chelsea, I remember when you painted the painting in the top picture of stacked branches on the full moon beach in your first painting class at Cypress. It literally blew everyone away how rich, eerie, and ethereal, your style is. You have such talent, it is awesome to see all your work on here, evolving. Laura

  2. Thanks Laura. I had a blast in that class and it was great because it made me paint in different styles/subject matters...which really opened up a lot of doors for me with painting.