Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Dready Journey day 5

day 5 of the dready journey and.... Burrr! its cold up here in Oregon. it snowed yesterday but i have my snuggly locks to keep my neck warm! Ok...i guess they are not quite..."snuggly" yet and wont be for awhile....but i am on my way!
dreadylock tails are interesting see: DreadyLock tails day 5
i haven’t seen my real color for years but i had cut all my dyed/processed hair off and started growing it out for the all natural all mighty dreads. i dont remember my hair being so red/ a kid who grew up at the beach my hair was always so bleached from the sun i guess. .i am rediscovering myself already!
So for work i go into the office with my dreads wraped up in whatever scarves i have about in some way like this: Dread Wrap- Day 5
Its trial and error and it seems each bun/wrap is different each day but i suppose once i get into routine i will have my way of doing it. I find that i have to first tie it up in a bun and then wrap it if i want it all up. then i tie the scarf on and knot it once on the nape of the neck and a few times wound around the bun. This seems to stay on all day without shifting and goin limp. its also a nice way to keep cozy in this cold winter season.
i think the wrap might get harder to handle as the dreads mature and get heavy...especially as they grow and build....however I really love wearing it up like that. i feel queeny. whats also interesting is that i feel so much freer/at ease with confidence. I used to always need some sort of hair in my face to hide behind...but not anymore!

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