Friday, January 30, 2009


So its friday and we have surived anohter long winter week. It snowed Tuesday up here in Portland Oregon. Yesterday and today we have had freezing fog that tends to just linger like lost phatasms in one spot or another....i love it actually. It gives things a very mystical/spooky vibe. The roads were real slippery cuz of black ice this morning but i made it to work alive and well.
Its day 7 of my Dready thats week one down for the count! I will take some more pictures over the weekend. Its taken a lot of restraint not to buy up everything dready on There are so many artists that have the most beautiful handmade dread beads and hats and tams and headbands and whatnots.....
speaking of etsy I made my 9th sale today. Someone bought an acrylic painting of mine I did from memory of the Santa Monica Pier during sunset...see?:
sunset Pierits done on a 12" by 12" box framed canvas. Sorry for the image quality. this painting is actually pretty textural...
so, Yay for people supporting struggling artists. Like i say in my policies page on my etsy account: It is important as a consumer to realize and fully appreciate the authenticity and pride that shines from hand made artisan art and craft. It is also important as a consumer to realize that by buying handmade goods from individual artists instead of mass produced goods from corporations one is effecting major positivity in the world around them. Thank you for supporting the artists of today.

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