Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New pen and Ink illustrations

I admit that lately I have been a bit preoccupied with all the weird negatives and stresses as of late. I think the best remedy to this is staying busy, keeping tons of projects at hand so you have no time to dwell on all the crud in life. I have been doing pretty good in the keeping busy department lately. I find drawing to be perhaps one of the best forms of therapy for myself. I love to put on a good movie( lately been enjoying lots of Studio Ghibli films like Spirited away and howls moving castle) or listen to some music(a lot of Greatful Dead pod casts and danny's great collection of Reggae) while getting cozy on the couch by the window and then just drawing for hours on end. Here are some recently finished pen and ink drawings of mine:
Masquerade ball
This one I started drawing as I watched the movie Sleepy Hollow for probably the 100th time. I really love the costume work and the overall vibe of the film. I have always had a week spot for period clothing especially the elaborate women’s gowns. Corsets are still something that I cant seem to get enough of. I wear mine any time I find an excuse be it a renaissance fair, Halloween, costume party, tea time…whatever! I have recently started drawing more and more corseted women, along with fully detailed gowns. Im still trying to make up my mind on whether or not I should leave the above drawing as a bust portrait or draw out the entire woman and her gown…guess ill keep pondering for a bit on that one.
Here is another recent illustration I made of an earth/goddess spirit of some kind:
Earth Spirit
Sorry Aunt Char, its another “droopy boob” drawing as per usual!
I should have prints for sale shortly for both of these drawings.
Getting back to keepin busy with projects: danny and I are still experimenting like crazy with silk screening. The other night I created a new silkscreen using the drawing fluid/screen filler method again. I tried my first double blend color the other day using metallic pink and metallic purple. The screen prints came out great with a neat transition of color through it. I took pictures last night of the prints and some of the shirts I printed on too but I was too tired to post them. Tonight I should be editing and posting those pictures up for everyone to see, and they will also be up in our etsy shop very soon so stay tuned.
Danny and I finally bought a table of our own to use at art walks instead of having to borrow someone else’s, yikes! What’s really exciting is now I have a table in my little art corner of our apartment. Its inspired me to reorganize the area. I caught the spring cleaning bug. Over the weekend I scrubbed the bathroom clean and tidied up all over. I planted some wild flowers in pots and put those on the patio. Today at work I plan to clean out my desk and my inbox. Clean and organized makes for more breathing room= less stress time. Yay.
Also, i just recently noticed that our Lucid Optic Lab online etsy shop has now been "hearted" or "followed" by 200 people. Our audience is growing! The other day we got our first alchemy request( custom order request) through the etsy site. I am interested to see how all that pans out. Exciting.

Best wishes everyone!


  1. everything sounds wonderful! congrats on the 200 'hearts' and the custom order :)

    oh, no dress yet. soon, i'm hoping!

  2. thanks my dear.
    no dress yet?!
    : (
    what should we do? if that one somehow never arrives i will gladly custom tie-dye another dress for you. just say the word.
    im still loving my dress and headband!

  3. i'm so glad you're enjoying your stuff!!

    probably the best thing to do would be to wait a little longer. i have a feeling it will get here. maybe even this week! i'll most definitely let you know, dearie.


  4. Wonderful drawings!! I'm so happy to find another pen and ink artist! Studio Ghibli is the best.

  5. ah you said it: 'keeping tons of projects at hand so you have no time to dwell on all the crud in life.'

    Love your work Chelsea. Please keep it up.