Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Blog Give away WINNERS:
Art SALE on card prints!

I am pleased to announce that the following people whom participated in my Blog Give away have had their names drawn and have won a 5"x7" print of one of my pen and ink illustrations:
1. Sherry Byrum
2. Paintnputter
3. Sares

Thanks so much for your support, i do so hope you enjoy your print!

Our Summer July SALE is still going on!

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Today's SALE highlights:

Seeing that it is indeed summer and the Reggae shows are a plenty, check out our Lion of Judah Justice Flag shirts on SALE:

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red/yellow/green Justice silkscreen print
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How bout some Tie-dye with your screen print?

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medium v cut long sleeve girls top 100% cotton
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And somethin' for the Rasta fellahs:
Justice Lion silkscreen print
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justice silkscreen print
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Now onto some explaining as to why i have been missing in action for over a week!
I went to visit my Family in California for the first time since i moved up to Oregon with Danny.
It was my Mom Mom's 75th birthday, so i flew out there for a few days to surprise her.
We took the whole troop for a boat ride to Catalina Island where we had lunch in Avalon next to the water at one of my Mom Mom's favorite restaurants.
here is a picture of Mom mom and Pop pop seated at the head of the table during our family din din:
and here i am with my two Cousins Matt and Allie and my Aunt Kim whom i had not seen in many years: It was a good reunion, with 16 friends and family seated for the special dinner.
I had not flown in a plane for so long, but i managed it fine. It was very nice to see the family again,it being about a year now since i left California. Its insane how much my two cousins have grown in such a short time. and i was reminded once again how much i hate the deathly LA desert sun. I came home so badly sunburned i was swelling. ouch.
I gave my Mom Mom one of the "Goddess in All of us" screen printed shirts, since she had ordered one from me only a few weeks before my trip to California. My arrival was a big surprise and she was thrilled to see me.
...While i was in Cali i stayed with my Aunt Char, Uncle Bob and cousin's Matt and Allie- just like old times when i was living in their home during my high school years. Being back in that house brought back many memories.
Here is a picture i recently came across of a 16 year old me in my lil room in La Palma, CA: bleach the brain bubbles
My old room has now been turned into an office/guest room- my crazy maroon walls are now painted in tones of calm gray. I am amazed at how they managed to scrub away all the teenage angst out of that room.
My family are all avid readers of my blog, which is so sweet. they are very supportive and enthusiastic of everything i do, even if they don't quite understand some of my strangeness. what more can one hope for? Thanks for all the encouragement dear family. I hope it wont be too long till we see each other again.

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