Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New painting and more SALE highlights

Hey Folks!

....the buzz for today is, i have finished a new painting!
+ Danny and I have been busy with our SUMMER SALE and there are now tuns of new sale items in our shop !!!!!

Green Lady- close up
I have been a busy gal, painting away. I started working on this new one over the past weekend.
It was a bit difficult to paint on Saturday since the heat was intense and my paint kept drying as I mixed it, but i managed to lay the basic foundations, in between taking cold showers and eating a lot of ice cream! -ahhhh, summer livin!
Green Lady-in process
By the end of Monday i pretty much had the piece finished- just needed to do my final touch ups on her and i vowed that i would finish her all up on Tuesday. Yet, when i got home from work on Tuesday, i must admit i had very little willpower.... seeing that i had a few new library books to start getting into. So, i ended up sprawled on the couch reading for the rest of the day. Then Danny baked a huge pasta dish which i ate and then promptly fell asleep!! So, there was no finished painting that night. I was much better last night and after coming home and eating some lunch i went right to it and finished my painting:

The hedge witch
"The Hedge Witch"
original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
by Chelsea Rose of my new paintings I am going to be showing at my first solo gallery show on the First of September at the T.Ruth art space 2403 NW Thurman, Portland OR.
I based this painting off of a recent pen and Ink illustration i did:
Earth Spirit
This creature is certainly inspired by the green of summer and all the lovely wild flowers i keep seeing popping up everywhere! She is certainly the green lady(kin to the green man) bearing the fruits of the season of abundance. I called her the Hedge witch because she seems to be to me, a nurturing soul- a goddess of herbal healing knowledge and enchantment. thats one painting down - i have a few more in mind that i would like to get done and finished so that i can display them during my show in September.

So far, i have just begun to map out my second painting. It is also based off of one of my more recent pen and ink illustrations:
river spirit
I felt this piece would go very well with the one i just finished above. They both have an earthy, herbal loveliness to them that i feel is so appropriate to create now- now that summer is here, everything is green and the flowers are bursting, life pulsing a little faster and enjoying the warmth of the air.
....So far, i have used my opaque projector and projected and then traced this drawing onto a 16" x 20" canvas using my India ink pens. Today when i return home from work i will begin to plan out the color pallet of this one.
I have a few more pen and ink illustrations in mind for converting into paintings for the upcoming show...but i have not made my mind up yet as to which ones im actually going to go through and do.
The following are a few of the possibilities:
- thought she would be a good addition, since she would fit well within the other faery paintings.
- i really think this one is just begging for some maybe she is an option too.
.....this one is an option as well. i think it would be very much fun to flesh out that crazy mane of hers in lots of bright jeweled colors and such.

But who knows how many i will be able to push through before September is here. Perhaps i will do some more drawing and see if i can come up with any other possible painting bases for this show....but at this point i am a bit undecided. Feedback, suggestions are so very much appreciated and welcome!

Luckily the weather has tamed a bit and isn't so hot. Mixing paint wont be an issue tonight so stay tuned for some progress updates on my next painting to come.

Much love and best wishes, always!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. The giveaway is online now! So tell all of your friends about it!

  2. coolness!!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity.
    I just posted a blog featuring the give away + an entry about it on my facebook page and my twitter page! When i get home today i will be taking more pics of the prints so i can load them onto flickr and highlight the give away there too!
    i do hope we get lots of people to enter to win!
    Thanks again,

  3. I joined Megan's giveaway, Chelsea! I love your work! :)

  4. Marty, thanks so much for your kind words and support.
    best wishes!
    -Chelsea Rose