Monday, July 6, 2009

SALE highlights and news on my first solo gallery show!

So its Monday yet again.
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Now on to some more exciting news:

I will be having my first Solo Gallery show on September 1st!!!

I met once again with Tiffany Ruth at her gallery's grand opening that took place July 2nd. I had originally met her many months ago while doing some street vending at the last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta. She had walked up to my booth and we got to chatting, she seemed to really enjoy my work/was very encouraging. She mentioned that she was opening up a gallery dedicated to Folk and Outsider art and that she would like me to do a show with her late summer. She called a month ago and let me know about her grand opening. I made plans to visit the gallery and i was blown away at how much character and charisma she packed into her gallery space. It was a true treat to experience her opening- i feel her gallery is a true gem and gift to the community. I was able to chat with her there, where she reveled to me that she would like to have my art up- my own Solo show come September first! We will be getting together soon to plan the show. I will be posting info as i know it- hopefully we will have some flyers for the show made up soon. The gallery is called T.Ruth Artspace 2403 NW Thurman, Portland OR. now i am super inspired by this opportunity and i have set my mind to paint a few extra pieces for the show.
So, this is what i did all weekend: working on a new painting
I am nearly finished with this piece. You can see the print of the pen and ink drawings( to the bottom right side of the easel) that i used as a base for the painting. I hope to put the final touches on it today when i get home from work. I will take some pictures as soon as its all done, signed and varnished. I have three other pen and ink illustrations in mind for turning into a few more paintings for the show so...... I am going to be busy busy busy!
Wish me some luck.

Anyhow, i hope everyone is having a yummtastic summer. I know i am!
soaking up the green you can see I am just loving all the greens, and i think its certainly inspiring my color pallet for my recent paintings....

So, much love to everyone and many summer blessings!
Thanks so much for the positives and the support!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Wow how exciting!
    Shame I live on the other side of the world. I would of loved to go to your opening.....:)

  2. awe...that would have meant a lot to me. but perhaps you wont mind being there in spirit?
    thanks for your encouragements!