Monday, November 9, 2009

Finished projects and new tie-dye in our shop!

So I finished my "Wind Spirit" painting over the weekend.
Waiting for the varnish to dry
This is just a quick snapshot that Danny took while Sushi-cat and I were waiting for the first layer of gloss varnish to dry. The flash from the camera really washed out all the colors in the painting, but you get the idea. Hopefully today we will have some nice high quality details pictures of the painting. Its a 14"x14" acrylic painting done on stretched canvas. I'm sellin this one for $150.00 so let me know if you are interested and we will work out the details.

Otherwise, Danny also finished a major project of his:
laughing buddha screen print poster
Laughing Buddha screen print poster 11"x14"
This is a completely hand made, hand printed 5 color silk screen print poster made by Danny.
Its extremely limited eddition. He only printed 11 on Bristol paper.
To create this Poster he had burned 5 different silk screens, each one a layer that makes up the image. To get a better understanding what this process entails check out his flickr page where he documented the creation process.
He just listed these posters for sale in our online etsy shop so check out this link to see the listing.

Speakin of etsy, we are trying to revive our shop. During the summer we were so busy sellin our goods at all the local art fairs and farmers market we ended up neglecting our poor little etsy shop. But now that fall is here the rains have begun and we are trapped inside with not much else to do. So, we have begun diggin out all of tie dye, new art prints, screen prints + more and we are slowly photographing it all and listing it in our shop.
So, if you are a fan of Lucid Optic Lab tie-dye stay tuned because we will be listing lots this month!
The other day we listed a couple items:
Purple Ice long sleeve gypsy tie dye shirt
100% cotton
elastic and drawstring adjustable
size small
Bust: 38"
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love!
Selling for only$10
click HERE to see the shop listing and more pictures

The other item we listed was this one:
Strawberry Dusk Tie Dye Skirt
This skirt sold in one day!
But have no fear, more tie-dye is on the way.
So keep checkin our shop for more.

So thats the news as of late.
Now i have to figure out what my next painting will be. My dear friend Randy Wonder Tooth bought me a huge box full of 14"x14" gallery box framed stretched canvas and my goal this winter is to do a new series with all of them.
Perhaps next i will paint my Harpy drawing. Im also considering doing some experimenting with these trippy face mandalas that i have been drawing just recently. I will scan one in to show you soon.
Peace be with you all!
I hope you are taking your Echinacea and Goldenseal to keep all these flue yucks at bay.
Much love, always!
-Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose


  1. Your new tie-dye is amazing! I enjoy the Buddha print as well. I've only done 1 screenprint before but I know how difficult it is to line the layers up. He did a great job! Can't wait to see what you paint next.

  2. Thanks Megan! Yea...screen printing is an intense process especially when you are doing it all rinky-dink style on the floor of your tiny apartment's kitchen with no press or clamps or guides. Danny pulls it off though...I am glad you enjoy the poster. I am trying to get him to print some shirts but he doesn’t like to print on fabric too much.
    we shall see.
    as far as what im painting next...i will be painting my pen and ink drawing "The Harpy" on canvas...which a background too for once.
    wish me luck!