Monday, November 23, 2009

More painting and Tie-Dye!

So, its been some time since I made my last post. I have been keepin busy working on my Harpy painting and doing more batches of tie-dye.
We posted 4 new tie-dye shirts in our shop
Check em out:
Blueberry Bubble Gum
This one we call "Blueberry Bubble gum"
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love.
V neck, athletic fit Small
100% cotton
38" bust
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Leaf Light tie-dye
Leaf Light tie dye Long sleeve shirt!
women small(S)
100% cotton
dyed with procion mx turquoise and yellow
34" chest
( I really love the pattern on this one! and it should be cozy for the colder months ahead)
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I really like this one too:
turquoise vortex tie-dye

Turquoise Vortex Tie Dye
women small (S)
100% cotton
3/4 sleeve V-neck shirt
dyed with procion mx turquoise and purple
40" chest
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And lastly for our recent tie-dye news:

This one is called the Minty Zebra
extra large(XL) 100% cotton V-neck
T-shirt dyed with procion mx green and black
42" chest
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...And a note for those of you who usually wear larger sized shirts....I know that when you glance at our tie-dye section in our shop it may seem that we only sell to twig people but its not true, I swear. In truth, most of the tiedye that fills an entire closet in our home is taken over by shirts like the one above. We even sell XX shirts but i have no way of modeling such sizes. Danny and I are trying to come up with a better way to display these shirts so bare with us on that score!
But have no fear...we have so much more tie-dye that needs to be listed in our shop so keep an eye out!

On a different score:
I have been working more on my Harpy Painting by doing a lot of reworking of environment and color.
Harpy background process
This was the first layer of color I put down for the background. No color on the harpy yet.
Harpy painting unfinished
Here I did the first layer of color on the harpy. Wasn't sure if I was pleased yet and intended on playing around with her color palette a bit.
Harpy Unfinished painting
Sorry about this one- its a bit washed out because i used flash when taking a picture of the canvas.
As you can see I changed a lot around here. I smogged out the buildings- they are now hardly recognizable especially after I made the branch more produced and curve around the piece.
Im really not sure if I like the new developments here. Im going to have to play around more before I know what I want to do.
In this one you can see I changed the Harpy's coloring to mainly green. I still am not pleased with this color doesn't pop enough from the background.
Over the weekend I ended up changing her wings into more of a bright blue which seemed to help her pop to the eye a lil easier. The branches seem to thick as they get higher on the left side so I have painted over most of those and I am reworking them. I will take a new picture when I get home before it turns into a completely different painting altogether.

Anyhow, all the leaves on the trees are almost gone but what does remain is still vivid agaisnt the dreary weather.
Good Morning Fall
This is the window view from my kitchen. Thats a pear tree visible. This photo was taken last weekend in the morning as I was heatin up some tea before getting to work on my harpy painting. I find my best time to work is around 7:00am on the weekends.
Im getting ready to do a project for a friend who has taken the plunge and purged his city life to live in the wild woods of Oregon. He gave me a big canvas trench coat to paint up plus a bunch of lovely fabric paint. I figure im going start out by laying down a layer of white screenrpint paint which will hopefully give me a good prepped surface to work on. So I will be documenting the creative process on that too since it will be my first experiment with fabric painting.

So thats the skinny.
Wish me luck on my projects and keep watching for more tie-dye and a possible SALE come the 1st of November!

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Beautiful tiedying..:)

    I love the picture of your kitchen window!

  2. Anne,

    You should see the window now...the tree has lost all of its leaves. it stretches outside like some gangly skeleton.

    More tie dye soon!

    Thank you much.

  3. Tie dye galore! Lovely stuff :)

    Question for you: have you heard of No 'Poo? Instead of using shampoo, you use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I tried it for the first time last night and so far, I'm really pleased. My hair feels so soft and my scalp isn't itchy like it usually is. I just thought it might be something you'd like because it's natural and is supposed to be good for dreads.

  4. Sara,

    I have heard of the "no poo" method before but i have yet to try it. Im interested if it will help with my dry scalp. I stopped using shampoo months ago and started heavy rinsing with nothing but water and teatree oil.
    ...i think the reason i have not tried the no poo method yet is because i keep forgetting to pick up a bottle of apple cider vinegar. arghh...some day!

  5. So I did the no 'Poo thing last night again and my hair freaked out. It's in braids under a hat, haha. Need to wait out the transition period, me thinks. Anyway, how much tea tree oil do you use? I've been curious about how people use it.