Monday, November 30, 2009

Featured SALE items and current going-ons

So, the SALE continues in our lil etsy shop.

Today's featured deals:

Purple Celestial Lotus screen-print shirt
on SALE for the Holidays
original price:$20
now on SALE for: $10
One of a kind metallic purple Celestial Lotus silkscreen print on a gray woman's Medium(M)shirt 100% cotton
to view or to buy click here
Im a bit stunned this has not sold yet! Its perhaps one of the first ever Lucid Optic Lab screen prints we did. Its been floating around in our shop for sometime now, and has earned a barrage of hearts on etsy. but no bites yet! And I find this metallic purple very alluring. I do so hope this tee may find a good home soon!

Shiva the Destroyer-tie dye/screen print t-shirt
on SALE for the Holidays
Original price: $20
on SALE: $15
tie-dye stripe design in emerald green, ice blue, dash of lavender; w/ Shiva screen print in black on chest
men's medium
to view or to buy click here
This is another shirt that we have had for a long time. We have sold a few of its kin and it seems it its soon going to be the last of its kind. I wanted to highlight this piece as a wonderful example of handmade art with love. A LOT of love went into this folks...from the tie-dye process to the printing process, so if one were to wear this t-shirt they might catch a glimmer of love flowing through the craftsmanship of which it was made. Its a great unisex shirt boasting of spiritual forces and hippie reverie. Grab it before someone else does...while its on SALE too!

the infamous "Goddess in All of Us" screen print shirt
perhaps one of our best selling designs
and on SALE too!
Original price$20
Now on sale for $15
the Goddess in All of Us screen-print: in black on a blue green short sleeved shirt
women's size: Large
Bust: 42"
Original silkscreen art by Chelsea Rose
hand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.
to view or to buy click here
This is one of the last original "Goddess in All of Us" screen print shirts. We have dismantled the original printing screen for this design, so this design is now numbered. Get your Goddess tee before there are none left! and grab it on Sale before the month is over and the deals turn into pumpkins.

---------------That concludes our featured SALE items for today.

Now id like to talk about my recent going ons.

Cold morning
Here is a picture of Sushi-cat and I doing a bit of early morning window gazing before anyone was up on Saturday. Its been getting more chilly with each week and I wonder when we will get the first snow fall. This weekend I managed to back up all my computer files which really sets my mind at ease. I have had two computers die on me and both times lost years worth of creation and photos. I have learned the hard way.
This weekend I didnt do any painting at all. Im frustrated with the paint I have. I normally use System 3, 3D paint( super thick and saturated) but I cant seem to find it in any of the local art stores. Thus I have been using some really crappy transparent winsor and newton student brand and its making it impossible to do any cover ups, which is currently needful.
So i drew instead:
Pen and Ink drawing.
I am sure this one will make my family a bit uncomfortable.
I was doodling on the couch while Danny and I watched a cartoon movie about Wonder Women's Amazon warrior princess origins. I think my mind was imagining some amazon warrior priestess, divinely endowed in an unusual way. was a fun doodle and I wanted to share it.
Trippy no?

Hanging my paintings for the show
I will be going on Tuesday to T.Ruth Art space to finally take down my paintings from my solo gallery show. My work was up for 2 months. Come Thursday Tiffany will have a new artist up there. I cant wait to go to the reception and see the new paintings all hung and meet the artist. Its going to be strange having my artwork back. I rather liked having some of my walls uncluttered by mass amounts of art...but it will be good to have them back. I ended up selling 6 smaller paintings during the time my art was up and I think im going to leave the rest of the smaller paintings with her so maybe she can sell them during the Holidays. It was an awesome opportunity and a wonderful/inspiring exercise and I feel blessed to have had it granted to me. Im not too sure if the whole gallery/art opening bizz is really my thing but I look forward to future opportunities and experiences to widen my artistic journey.

Thats it for now.
More later, I promise.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. It will indeed be weird to have all of your work back. Almost all of mine is presently on display around town and I rather like being able to clean under my bed. I hope your sale goes well!

  2. Wow has it been 2 months already.
    Wonderful news about selling 6 paintings..:)

  3. Megan,
    I really need to get my act together and storm all the local coffee shops and see if any are crazy enough to display my art. Im waiting on my bizz card order before i do it though...i ordered them with my new web port site: and Danny totally redesigned my card for me so that it matches the look of my site. I will show them when I get em in a few weeks.

    ...time really flew. its crazy that its December already! and i was very please to sell a few things. it made it that much more worth while.

    thanks for the kind words!

    -Chelsea Rose