Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finished paintings and 50th sale on etsy!

First off, I would like to show some better photographs of my most recent finished paintings.
posy nymph
Posy Nymph
18" x 14"
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

wind spirit
Wind Spirit
14" x 14"
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

A big thanks to Danny for photographing my paintings and making them just right with his mad photo retoucher skills! I feel we make a great team.

Also, im excited to announce that we made our 50th sale on etsy last night!

Our 50th sale was one of Danny's newly released 5 color screen print posters:
laughing buddha screen print poster
Laughing Buddha
11" x 14"
hand printed silkscreen poster
by Danny Rodriguez
He only printed 11 and now that the first one sold we only have 10 left.
view the listing or buy it Here

That same person also bought a print of one of my Pen and Ink drawings:
love thy self
Love they Self
5x7 print
of an original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose
view the listing or buy it Here

And now for a bit of a rant that comes right from the heart with many many thanks and blessings:

I have been ferociously battling with the truth that sitting in an office building everyday from 8-3 really does my creative spirit a grave injustice. But alas, its currently my means to pay bills and buy food. But still... when I get home I tend to wallow all too much. And now that its getting dark early I find my body trying to hibernate.
So the battle rages on: the temptation to lay my weary bones down and be a drone VS the need to be fruitful and true to self.
I think I am winning over the vile sloth tendencies and I am producing my art work. Its wonderful being partnered with another artist. Danny and I help each other with inspiration. But there are some really truly amazing outside influence that easily jump start our weary artist hands into frantic action. This outside influence is you! You, who ever you are who is reading this blog. You, who enjoy our work enough to support it by buying prints, tie-dye, paintings, screen prints from our little etsy shop. I cant communicate how much the support means to us and perhaps to the world for that matter. In this day and age where so much is mass produced by mega corps. and sold cut throat cheap I feel people who are willing to support hand made art and craft with their hard earned dollars are in truth heroes and freedom fighters. I know this world right now is not set up for small business and hand crafted, local artisan goods but I think there are a great many people out there who are seeking to turn the tides back and set us once again on the right track.

So, thanks again for the support!

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab


  1. I liked this post very much! Sites like Etsy are especially helpful in bringing interest back to hand-crafted goods. Just have to keep going and spreading the word :)

    (this is Sara, by the way)

  2. Congratulations on your sales! That is wonderful. I know exactly how you feel. I don't like printmaking but I have to finish one last woodcut and then school will be over and I can indulge myself. So close! Keep at your work though. It allows you interaction and the ability to see that that is not what you want to do with the rest of your life.

  3. Sara,
    Thanks for your words and your support always!
    I agree completely and I really hope this handmade goods movement continues on and grows stronger and stonger in the face of all this corporate greed/sellouts.
    its healing, thats what.

    Megan- thanks very much! when Danny and I first started our etsy shop it took a long time to begin to kindle sales and I never really guessed we would make it to our 50th but here we are!

  4. I simply love Posy Nymph and wish it was for sale. Great work! Ill keep looking at your etsy site for Mens large Dyes

    Dave from

  5. Dave,

    the Posy Nymph is in fact for sale.

    I’m very pleased you enjoy my work!

    Sometimes its hard for us to post much of the men’s large and up dyes since we lack a good fitting model to photograph the shirts in. If you are ever in Portland we do farmers markets and art fairs often and have an entire booth of tie-dye for you to check out.

    Thanks for the kind words Dave...I am off to check out your website.

    Many Blessings
    -Chelsea Rose