Friday, December 11, 2009

Art print SALE + art project news+ Winter Falls trip

Winter SALE news flash:
Not only have i put all my 5"x7" art prints on SALE for $5 but i just released a bunch of my illustrations into sale mode that have yet to be available for purchase.
check them out:

Staring contest
"Staring Contest"
by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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"Faery Blossom"
by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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Earth Spirit
"Earth Spirit"
by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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Air Spirit
"Wind Spirit"
by Chelsea Rose
5"x7" art print
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....and there are much more prints to choose from in the Art Prints section of our shop.
Art SALE on card prints!
I would have you know these prints come sealed in a crystal clear plastic sleeve to keep it safe. Our prints are made on archival canson artist card paper( has a similar feel to watercolor paper). Makes a wonderful card, gift or decoration.
This concludes our featured SAlE for today. This SALE will run all through December so ahead and grab while the prices are sweet.
As far as recent art projects go i finally got off my butt and started laying the ground work for my friend Wonder's woods man cloak.
Wonder's Woodsman cloak
This is what i have so far. Now i have to go in with color and do some more embellishing, flip it around and begin the front side too! I really hope this works. Im using Lumiere acrylic fabric paint ontop of white screen print water based fabric paint. I guess we shall find out, wont we?

Other then that yesterday i posted a craigslist add that said the following:
Title: Body Painting Model Needed for Art project (Portland Oregon)
Post: "I am a female photographer and painter. I have been focusing for the past few years mainly on acrylic painting and I would like to begin working on more photography projects again. I have a huge interest in knitting both painting and photography together however I need a reliable, creative and sultry woman whom is willing to model for me during this art project. Nudity would be involved but only tasteful nudity. I am a woman myself and have a great respect for females, our plight and our image in this world. Being a bit of a feminist I would only ever portray women in a light that evokes respect, admiration, strength and natural beauty. This project would involve a full body painting. I would be using a water based face paint called snazaroo that is very safe even for people with sensitive skin. Please email me with a quick statement about yourself, where you are in portland and why you are interested in working on this project with me + send me up to date photos of you if interested in working on this project. Also, please let me know if you have any tattoos and where they are located so that I can determine whether or not they might hinder the body painting design I have planned. (We could probably cover tattoos up if needed with makeup, so its not a big deal.) If you have had any model experience please let me know, although it is in no way necessary. This is a TFCD( Time For CD) art project which means we will be trading each other’s services. I will be trading you a CD full of excellent quality, beautiful photographs that I take of you for your creative and intuitive modeling. Our photo shoot would be done on a weekend probably in the morning or early afternoon when the lighting is best so please let me know what your availability is like when you email me your photos and info. If you are interested to see some of my photography and art work please view my online portfolio: Thanks very much for your interest in this opportunity. I look forward to creating with you! "
....and i have gotten 10 really wonderful responses from some beautiful, strong and creative young women! Originally I was just thinking of doing a shoot or two but now I am thinking I should do an entire series based on this idea/art project. So yes, I am very excited about this and i will keep you posted on what goes down. If YOU happen to be in portland Oregon or know someone who is- whom might be interested in modeling for this art project please have them email me at
In other news Last night Danny and I took a quick drive out to the Multnomah Falls area where we found this:
winter waterfall
Frozen water falls!
photo courtesy of Danny.
....its been below freezing for a couple weeks now but it has not snowed yet. So visiting these frozen water falls was very surreal.
I heard a rumor it might snow tomorrow-eek.

....and its FRIDAY! Im itching to get home, get into my cozys and work on all my various painting projects however i am thinking i might attend 'The Big 100 Art Show-100 local portland artists, 2000 works' ONE NIGHT ONLY. Cash/CarryALL WORK IS $30Benefit for KBOO Community Radio, Oregon Food Bank and Portland City Art, arts non profit (Artists for Artists)MORE INFO: WWW.PORTLANDCITYART.ORG CURATED BY PORTLAND CITY ART (John Graeter, Chris Haberman) and Po Boy Art (Jason Brown/Goodfoot)
.....I would love to go and see what is up on those walls, meet some more local artists and see my friend Karah who has some of her sculpture work in the show. Also, hoping that i can find a way to get on the list for the next one!

Thats it for now. Sorry about these super long blog posts I always end up writing!
Best wishes!
-Chelsea Rose

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