Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter SALE highlights and more

So far our Winter SALE is going great and I have a few SALE items I would like to feature today:
Purple Mushroom

on SALE for the Holidays!
original price:$30
on SALE for: $20
white Humongous Fungus screen print
on a purple sleeveless dress
bust 38"
waist 34"
hips 36"
To view or to buy click HERE
...I am super surprised this dress has not sold yet. Its perhaps one of my most favorite Lucid Optic Lab creations especially since it boasts Danny's kick ass Humongous Fungus screen print( which he hand screened himself!) and its purple! It would be mine...all mine if it were not just a tad too big in the bust area. I would really love to see this dress go to a good home. someone who is a mushroom and purple enthusiast- most definitely!

Optical (Eye)llusion screen print t-shirt
on SALE for the Holidays.
original price:$20
on SALE for: $10
Optical (eye)llusion screen print on a light blue small(S) T- shirt
(38" chest)
To view or to buy click HERE
....Yes, another hand designed/hand screen printed exclusive Lucid Optic Lab shirt.
We have stopped screening this design so there are precious few of these shirts left so feel free to grab this one on SALE!

Last SALE feature item of the day:

New item! on SALE!
tie dye skort( skirt and short hybrid)
hand tie dyed with procion mx red, magenta, purple, and blue dye and lots of love.
100% cotton
34" waist
35" long
to view or to buy click HERE
....not to mention, if the tie-dye tank top caught your eye its also on sale HERE for only $7!

So that concludes our featured SALE items for today. Thanks so much for those who have taken part in our Holiday/Winter SALE! The support is so very much appreciated. Thanks for buying Handmade for the Holidays.
Onto other news:
mom and I
While I was going through my computer files, trying to be good by backing up my data, I ran across a baby photo of mine. This is my Mom and I. I really love her tie-dye shirt!

Honestly there is not too much going on. I'm still scouring the local art stores for the acrylic paint I like to use. This paint dilemma has stunted my progress on my Harpy painting, unfortunately. But once I get my hands on some more paint I am hoping to make up for the lost time and get it done quick!

Until then I am working on a project for my dear friend Randy Wonder Tooth. He commissioned me to paint his huge canvas trench coat- making it into a super special, majickle woods man jacket for him to romp around in the Wolfcreek sanctuary( beautiful piece of southern Oregon land!) in. So far I have painted the parts I wish to embellish with a layer of white screen print paint as a surface prep. I then projected my Green Man design onto the back of the coat and transferred it. Tonight I begin working in the color!( Wonder provided me with lots and lots of super wonderful Lumiere metallic fabric paint I will try and take some creative process pictures too, since this is my first big fabric painting project ever.

Other then those projects cookin on the side it looks like I will be traveling back to California for the Holidays come Dec. 23rd. I'm very excited to be able to go back to my California roots, see the folks and grandfolks and maybe an old friend or two. It may also be nice to get away from this frigid weather for a week! Only, I really dread flying during the frenzied holiday travel season but I think I will handle it fine, especially since Danny will be coming with me.

Tonight Danny and I and our friends Kelly and Clay will be going to a local Shamanic Journey gathering where they will be using the traditional rapid eagle drum beat and guided meditation( not medication- typo sorry) to loose one another into journeys into the spirit realm. Last time Danny and I did it we were really blown away and had much to think upon. I'm excited to find out what tonight's journey may bring.

So wish us luck and be sure to keep cozy with loved ones on these chilly winter days!

Much love, always
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab


  1. Wow, you have such an interesting schedule! I'd love to go on a shamanic gathering. Have you tried to find your paints online? I haven't had this problem myself, but I once read that when a pen tip was going out of production, Edward Gorey bought 200 of them so he could use them for the rest of his career. Hahah. Maybe you can do the same.

  2. The gathering was amazing. It happens every first Monday of the month- cant wait for the next.

    A few minutes ago i broke down and ordered my paint from I would have ordered them from but now they only sell them in packs with colors i don’t need. I didn’t want order online because of shipping costs but you gotta do what you gotta do. Should be here by the 14th.
    I would love to buy myself a lifetime supply but that would cost me a fortune. My order for 4 tubes of this stuff came out to $30 something. Yikes!