Monday, December 21, 2009

New Bodypainting shoot + the plans

So, on Saturday the 19th I met my Model JBird inside T.Ruth Art space gallery at 10am.

( here is a street view of T.Ruth Art space located at 2403 NW Thurman, Portland Oregon 97210)
Luckily, we found the gallery super toasty as we climbed the stairs into the loft where I would begin painting her from head to toe for the next few hours.
creative process
and yes, it did take about three and a half hours to do the full body painting. In the above picture Jbird is working on doing some creative makeup on her eyes as I concentrated on getting the bottom half of her body painted. As always, we were racing against the clock. Jbird had an "ugly sweater party" to go to at 6pm which meant we had to be done with the body painting and photo shoot by 5pm.
By the time 2pm rolled around T.Ruth Art space Gallery was hopping with all sorts of creative energy and people. As people came into the door they were greeted by live flute and string music where they could sit back, enjoy a cup of coco while looking at the artwork on the walls. The brave and curious souls made their way up to the loft where I was still body painting the model. I met some wonderful new faces and was granted the supportive presence of friends.
When I finally deemed the body painting completed my model and I descended the stairs where Danny had setup the black backdrop and lighting.
And since the gallery was packed with people + our model and backdrop were visible to the passersby on the streets through the window we had plenty of onlookers and turned a LOT of heads.
About halfway through the shoot I ended up snapping this comical photo:
Body Painting/Photo shoot in T.Ruth Art space
The lady pointing at Jbird from outisde, in the hat is Lorna who is to be my next body painting/photo subject. I will be photographing her in the wild woods of Eagle Creek, Oregon after the holidays. She is a roaring jazz singer and super groovy MaMa!
While this shoot was certainly fun we did get some serious photography done, I swear.

Here are the first few shots that have been processed so far:
Your Body Is Your Temple
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
....I was totally blown away by this model's creative poses and graceful postures. I was also pleased that I was able to paint more of her body then I did with the first model- this was because I had learned my lesson and decided to start painting earlier. And thats really what experimentation is all about: try some new things, figure out what works and doesn't work till you get into a good ebb and flow of creation.( Thank you Ann Marie, my frist model, for letting me epxeriment on you! You were amazing and such a trooper and I love the way that first shoot came out too!)

Another shot from Saturday's shoot with Jbird:
Your Body Is Your Temple
Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
.....another great pose by Jbird.

Your Body is Your Temple
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
....For this shoot we were able to get a better lighting situation that made it possible to keep some of these photos in color. At the end of the shoot I had Jbird rifle through my costume bag to pick out an item of interest she wanted to work with. This red and silver drapery looked super exotic on her and really begged for some color photography.
When the photo shoot ended at 5:00pm I had taken over 500 photos. While its going to take some time to pick and choose between the shots I think I will have a lot of work to show for this shoot in the end. So stay tuned for more.

Last night I knew would pretty much be the last piece of creative time that i have left till after the holidays so on top of weeding through and editing some of the shots from Saturday I did some color painting work on my friend Wonder's woodsman/green man cloak + started a new painting of some sort of alien, insect goddess lady( whats new?)
Sorry, I didn't get any photos of this progress of these projects. After doing laundry all day on top of everything else I pretty much marched myself to bed when I was done with the creative endeavours.

IMPORTANT SHOP DISCLAIMER: Due to the Holidays any orders placed on Dec23 to the 27th will be shipped later then usual( shipped by Monday the 28th) So, if you are buying from our shop in the specified time period please realize there will be delays in shipping.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday. if you dont celebrate the common obligatory rituals of this time of year... then make it a point cherish the beauty of winter, the friends and loved ones around you and be thankfull for what you do have and not morn for what you dont. Thats what I will be especially striving to honor in my mind's eye for the rest of this month.

Much love and many blessings!
-Chelsea Rose

P.S. could I forget!?
I sold another one of my big paintings!
This is the one that sold:
Masquerade ball
Masquerade ball
original acrylic 24"x26" painting by Chelsea Rose
.....It sold to a lady who saw it through the gallery window while my solo show was still up. I guess she lives close to the gallery and would walk by on her way home and admire the painting from afar. Then one day when the show was taken down she realized how much she wanted the painting she had admired. She contacted Tiffany Ruth, owner of T.Ruth Artspace gallery and they struck a deal.
.....I had the pleasure of meeting the buyer during the body painting/photo shoot on Saturday. She was super sweet and excited to take the piece home and hang it in her bed room. Made me feel wonderful to know that it would be going to someone who will cherish it!
Very exciting and inspiring!


  1. Our dear friend Chelsea Rose, incredible artist, 1st Place prizewinner in the '70's Disco Dance Dressing Dept, adorable Tutu gal, sweet friend, You DA BOM sister!

    See you Saturdays in Feb '10 for more body painting, art show parties!

    We love you! Tif & Babs