Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Body Painting with Ann Marie + winter SALE items

I had meant to gradually, day by day reveal more of the finished photos from the body painting shoot I did with Ann Marie on Sunday...but I got a little carried away last night and released 6 more photos:

Goddess in All of Us
body painting + photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ann Marie
( I really like this shot, she reminds me of a genie here)

Goddess in All of Us
body painting + photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ann Marie
(this one is the main full body shot. )

Goddess in All of Us
body painting + photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ann Marie
(This one and most of the others remind me of the old vintage tattooed women photos from the circus.)

Goddess in All of Us
body painting + photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Ann Marie
(This one is one of my major favorites from the shoot. I love her profile, the way she is holding her head and that she has her eyes closed. i think she looks regal but soft...and the pose shows off a lot of the painting work while being flattering to her curvy shape)

Goddess in All of Us
body painting + photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ann Marie
(There is something very mystical about her bright eyes amidst the dark paint on her face....love her expression.)

Goddess in All of Us
photography + body painting by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ann Marie
( this is Danny's favorite. He really likes the pose. Its a good shot of some of the back painting work too.)

.....So thats it for now but there is still more to come.
However I do have other projects i need to concentrate on. My paint that I ordered a week ago should be getting here today which means I will have no more excuses to not finish my Harpy painting. So yes, I need to work on that and also need to work on getting color onto Wonder's woodsman cloak. All of this photo project bizz has really been inspiring, super exhausting and time consuming- but it feels wonderful. I am looking forward to my next shoot with another lovely woman which is scheduled for this coming Saturday the 19th. I need to call T.Ruth and make sure I can still use her art gallery space for the shoot. This time I plan on starting the painting process much earlier so that we can be ready to do the shoot by 12 thus utilizing some of the space's natural window lighting. In the first shoot with Ann Marie I had not anticipated that the painting would take 3+ hours. We had started by 12 and by the time we were ready to shoot we had lost most of the natural light.
You live you learn....thats what experimentation is all about.
The holidays are fast approaching, and yes our etsy shop is still in SALE mode. So stop on over and check out the goodies and wonderful price tags.
Here are a few featured items for today:

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tie dye thermal
extra large(XL) 100% cotton thermal
dyed w/ procion mx purple and green dye
51" chest
....Its a great item for keepin off the chill while still staying intouch with your psychedelic tendencies.

Ocean Soul
8" X 16" original acrylic painting on canvas(studio frame/frameable)
By Chelsea Rose
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The gift of art is something could be a token to a loved one that will last for a lifetime, bringing beauty, elegance and emotion to any wall in any home or office.
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And last but not least:

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Original silkscreen art by Danny Rodriguez Lucid Optic Lab hand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.

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Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Fantastic designs in the body painting shoot you did with Ann Marie! We especially like the intricacy in the face work.

    Do you use Henna?

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! I used a water based face paint called snazaroo, actually. Its the paint I use to do face and body painting when im at the local art fairs in the summer. Its really easy to use, paint on with your favorite brush, and washes off with a lil soap and water.
    Henna would be interesting to do full body but I have a feeling it would add an hour or two to the painting process + then I would have to have the model wait a few hours for the henna to set and then wash it off before i could shoot. still is a fun idea though. maybe someday!

  3. i love the body painting and your photographs......so gorgeous!

  4. Thanks so much! I cant wait to do the next shoot this saturday!

  5. I would like to meet Ann-Marie.