Friday, June 18, 2010

Body Painting plans, Political Stencil Art and an Interview

Happy Friday All!
So, quite honestly I wasn't all that productive this week. I did manage to do some pen and ink over acrylic paintings, however they are quite unfinished and i was a bit shy about showing them in their undone state since they are commissions.
However, I have big plans for Sunday- another body painting/photo shoot for my women's study project!
Body Painting/Photo shoot in T.Ruth Art space
( body painting process photo by Danny )
So come on down to T.Ruth Artspace gallery and hang out/drink some tea and watch as i do a body painting and photo shoot live. I will be starting the body painting around 10am and wont probably be done till 3pm or 4pm( yes it does take quite a lot of time and energy!) I will then take about an hour or two to photograph the result downstairs in front of the gallery's main windows with the model in front of a backdrop.
( body painting process photo by Danny )
This is going to be my 3rd white paint over a dark skinned model so i am super jazzed. It will also be the 10th body painting i have done for the series....and i hope to keep going with this and see where it takes me! I have booked another body painting photo shoot for July 4th. I will be painting a wonderfully charismatic elderly woman. I am very excited to start adding a more widened age range within this project for i feel it important to show that women as they age tend to mature in beauty and energy- their bodies changing to show the signs of a life lived and fully actualized- a profound beauty that i feel should be cherished but that is often forsaken in our society and media. So hang in there- i am aiming on taking this project to new levels!

I also wanted to share some of Danny's recent creations: Political stencil art on records

from top to bottom:

STOP THE 5 WARS! Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia.
WAR IS OVER when the profit stops.
CAUTION-police state.

He also just recently came out with 3 more that i love:

Babylon system is the vampire.

Peaceful Meditation.


I feel they do capture truths about movements within our world right now that have been coming to head for some time. I often feel political art is muchly needed in a time where the media is corrupt- we need to hear each other's independent voices and cries. Its essential for our local and global communities to have dialogue about these things so that we can prepare to enact or jubilantly be inspired to make grievously important changes in our personal beings, live styles as well as governmental affairs. What ever happen to For the people, By the people? or for our constitution for that matter? or our supposed global commitment to human rights?
To see more of Danny's work click here.

Hey! check this out:
I filled out a questioner for a fellow blogger about " Being an artist in a bad economy."
Click here to read the interview.

One last bit of show and tell:
planting wild flower
...went out with a box of wild flower seed and romped about after a good rain. i hope the seeds take.
this is the sadly unused piece of land that my patio looks down onto. I want to turn it into a community garden but i first have to figure out how to get in contact with the owner. From what i understand from local rumor...he is a dentist who does not plan to build anything for a few years... land is such a commodity and i feel its essential to make use of- to make food and build community. I personally want to be a lot less reliant on mass production and consumer goods. I hope to become more self reliant and im trying to take steps to do so in this heightened consumersitic society. I find i am greatly encouraged and inspired by other like minded souls who seem to be growing in numbers around the country!

Wish me luck for Sunday's body painting. I am sure my Monday blog post will be filled with process shots and a finished photo or two from the shoot.

-Chelsea Rose

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  1. the white on dark skin, looks amazing. fabulas as ever.