Monday, June 7, 2010

Craft in the Village, painting in progress and Fuchsia blooms

I had a wondrous time at Craft in the Village in Vancouver WA for the first Friday of June . It was our first time vending at the occasion, even though we have been to hang and play before.
The weather report predicted rain for Friday so we ended up downsizing our tent set up to a single table under an awning. It worked out just right in the end, and we did wonderfully.

( photo compliments of friend and photographer Anni Becker )

I sold a good many 5" x 7" prints + got a commission for an 8" x 10" pen and ink over acrylic painted canvas of my Love Thy Self mermaid drawing.

Danny sold a bunch of his stenciled records and some of his screen prints as well.

But the fun started when i met an amazing artist: Cori Bethune. She was a beautiful voluptuous black woman with multicolor dreads selling colored pencil portraits she was making of empowered ethnic women. She also just so happens to be a reggae singer. You can check out her music via myspace here. Of course, i asked her to be a part of my body painting project and she was instantly very much positive and excited about lending her energy to the project. Now all we have to do is nail down a date for the body painting/photo session. I cant wait! This will be my third white paint on dark skin body painting.

The remainder of the day was charmed.
The Space artist collective was bustling with activity:

( photo compliments of friend and photographer Anni Becker )

They had a live poetry reading, which i volunteered to read a poem of mine that i just so happened to have in my purse. Then there was a wondrous open drum circle, live music by The Shivas and Sea of Oaks ( both local bands to Vancouver WA ). To see photos of the amazing happening check out Anni Becker's flickr account here.
I LOVE VANCOUVER and her collection of wondrous souls!
...enough said :)

Saturday was beautiful too. Danny And I hung out inside T.Ruth artspace gallery greeting folks who came in to have a look at the art. I brought the painting that i started a week or so ago to work on and i got a LOT done on it:
work in progress
( 14" x 14" acrylic painting-unfinished)
Here is what i have thus far. Got the first layers of color pretty much mapped out. Couple more layers of color and highlight would do. Plus im still undecided as to what to do with her hands. I don’t like the orb idea so much as i thought i would. maybe she could be holding a flower? or a purse? or a dagger? Or perhaps the orb just needs to turn into an eyeball? or have an eyeball inside of it? I will have to do more tinkering...then we shall see.

Sunday was a lazy day spent sleeping in and listening to the rain pound the roof. I had some great moments out on the patio enjoying cups of tea and watching humming birds wizz past to enjoy the Fuchsia bloom nectar:
Danny snapped this photo as i enjoyed being surrounding by the blooms on the patio. Fuchsia plants are so enchanting...something about them really sets my imagination off. I finally found a good place to hang my Faery wall art that my cousin holly bought for me years ago. I think she is happy hanging out by all the blooms. A few weeks ago i planted a bunch of seeds in pots on my patio. The first things to sprout were the various sorts of wild flower mixes, next was the morning glories flowers and third was the Thyme. We are still waiting for the rosemary, basil, Serrano chilies and chamomile to sprout. *crossin fingers*

Thats about all the news i can muster. Im excited to see what this new week has in store.
Much love and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose

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