Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New- paintings

3 day weekends are such blessings.

On Saturday morning I was very excited to learn that i had sold a painting!
the Reckoning
14"x 18"
Original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

I was contacted by someone who had been passing through Oregon and just so happened to wander into the feminist bookstore InOtherWords where i had a bunch of artwork being featured. While they couldn't buy and take anything home right away because they had a lot of musical equipment to fly home with...they decided to contact me once they were home about purchasing the piece. Thus,today after work i will be shipping this one out. This will be the first time i have shipped a larger painting of mine and I was a little nervous about it but I am happy to learn it isn't going to be a super expensive endeavour.
I am very glad "The Reckoning" has found a good home, although i am going to miss my gaggle of "fish of perceptions" and their weighty stares.

In the afternoon on Saturday Danny and I watched T.Ruth Art space Gallery from 1-6. We both brought art projects to work on. I was finally able to finish a painting i had been neglecting for far too long:

original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose
( the quality on this photo is poor. I will try and replace it with a better one soon)

....and because i love process shots, here are a couple photos i took while creating the painting:

The painting was based on this drawing of mine:
( pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

i made this drawing while watching an interesting cartoon movie about Wonder Woman's amazonian princess origins. Seeing all the fierce strong warrior women was inspiring. I got to doodling and this daunting creature came out. I think she is some kind of druid, high priestess warrior woman who is "endowed" with an extra set of "windows to the soul." I wonder if they shoot laser beams?! :P

I transferred the drawing onto a red painted canvas. I transferred the pen and ink by projecting my illustration onto the canvas and tracing the outline. I then went in and began to put down the first layers of color.

work in progress
...more color work being done here.

waiting for the varnish to dry
...and here it is all finished. I was letting the varnish dry at this point.
You can see a lot of changes from this photo and the one above. I added a heavy black vignette around the piece while dropping her arms down and repositioning her hands. I also made the skin more blue/green with darker shadow.

...now i have to decide what i want to paint next. I have a bunch of blank canvas and they are all calling.

On Sunday Danny and I ran around to the local hardware stores working on getting the new apartment more livable. I picked up a bunch of pots and seeds and planted an herb garden on the patio: rosemary, chamomile, thyme, basil, cilantro, serreno chilies + more. I also planted some wild flower mixes and some morning glory vine. I am really hoping i get some sprouts!

Monday involved more home improvement chores...although Danny and I did slip away to hang out with some dear friends we had not seen in a long time.

All in all...it was a pleasant and productive 3 day weekend and i find myself feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of the week. How was your 3 day weekend/memorial day weekend?

Much love and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...i really enjoy seeing your process pictures! I love all of the detail in your pen and ink drawing of the 'Endowed' painting. I just got some more of my flat sculptures in my mom's kiln a couple of days ago, so I hope to start painting on them soon.

  2. I love that red! What kind of paint do you use? I really enjoy seeing your process photos.

  3. LRC- it was a wonderful weekend! glad to hear you are doin that sculpture painting project- hope to see them and maybe some process photos?

    Thanks so much! im a sucker for process shots.
    i use daler rowney system 3 3d acrylic paint. I mix all my colors from the primaries!

  4. I realy enjoy reading your blog your art and life is so interesting...:)

    It wonderful news that you sold a picture.

  5. A hearty congrats on the sale of your excellent painting and I LOVE the other as well. Hmmm, nipples do have their own ability to perceive, don't they? The eyes work well to describe this.