Friday, June 4, 2010

Humble beginnings and The Space art collective

Hello dearfulls.

Its been another one of those busy weeks but i did manage to start a new painting!

This is where i am at with it thus far:
Dawn- work in progress
this is a close up of some of the humble beginnings of the color layout.

I was flipping through an old sketch book of mine and came across this drawing which i ended up using very loosely as inspiration for the painting:
this was a pen and ink sketch done a year or so ago. As you can see for some strange reason i drew her smack dab in the middle of two pages in my sketch book-thus i have never been able to get a good scan of it. Ah well.

humble beginnings
This is a quick process shot i took of it after i had kinda free handed a basic sketch onto my 14"x14" painted canvas. I think i might change up the shape of the wings a bit...or add more detail and flow. We shall see. I still need to build out the rest of her form + poofy skirt. Also thinking about adding some green into the background on the bottom to suggest water at sunset...or grassy hill of some sort.

art bun
and here i am workin in the home studio. I call this hairdo my "art bun." I have found that its best to keep the dreads tucked up into a high bun while painting, otherwise my tips end up as paintbrushes rather quickly! And acrylic paint is perhaps the hardest thing to clean out of dreads other then peanut butter :P My headband was handmade by Livley! and yes, i love it.

Today i am leaving work early so that Danny and I can cruise on over to Vancouver, Washington. We are participating in their Craft in the Village, where we will have a table out sellin our art prints, paintings, tie dye and screen prints!
We will also be actively participating in another art space opening at The Space!
Check it out:
First Friday
I will be the official face and body painter for the event! And there will be an open drum circle and a community canvas free for all. I LOVE IT!
for more info on The Space check them out here.

I wanted to leave off with another body painting photo that i posted a few days ago:
Tender Truth
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Courtney)

Have a super yumtazmic weekend, everyone.

-Chelsea Rose

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  1. Your work is so beautiful! Coming here inspires me endlessly. Thank you!