Monday, January 10, 2011

Goddess Body Art photo prints for sale plus hike into the forest with new dready roots

Goddess art prints for sale
Can I Interest you in one of these, perhaps?

Goddess art prints
I have a whole box of em, see?

I intend to slowly list 3 a week for sale in our etsy store.
$10 each. they are First Limited edition prints signed by me on the back! Sealed in a removable crystal clear archival envelope for protection.

So far i have listed the following two for sale:

Your Body is Your Temple
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
4"x6" signed print on sale for $10 here.

Apparition of Truth
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
4"x6" signed print on sale for $10 here.

Onto other news....
I didn't do much on the productive side this weekend other then take some of product photos above of my prints. But i did get a lot of exercise. I went on a 4.6 mile hike up into the mountains to visit some of the amazing water falls! see?
Triple Falls
( photo by Lucid Optic Lab )
triple falls Lucid Optic Lab

Also my dread lock birth month is January. They will be two years old on the 25th so I splurged and bought some hand made wool dreads to add in for more length and interest. Here some more photos of em:

Triple falls, dread falls
( photos by Lucid Optic Lab )
They were lovingly hand made and customized by The Dread Goddess herself who has a shop on etsy at Check it out!

So thats about it for now. They say its going to snow tomorrow. We shall see.
How was your weekend? any adventures?

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Waahhh what a beautiful mossy place! Everything is dark and covered in snow where I live- it's easy to forget that there's places on earth that *isn't* dark and covered in snow :P Thanks for the reminder. I love the pic where you have your arms out, I like your style- you make me miss my hennaed hair! I also like the prints, and how they look in their plastic sleeves. Do you print them yourself or do you go to a professional printer to have them done? Been considering doing prints too, but am unsure on how to go about it.

  2. That place is freaking amazing the moss is everywhere. Your so beautiful and talented. I love everything about your art your blog and your style. People are always talking about the bad stuff on the internet but if I wasn't in etsy chat on the internet I wouldn't know there are so many other awesomely talented cool people out there on the planet. :)

  3. I can't believe that's in Oregon! It's so magical! I love your new hair additions. They're perfect for you.

  4. Oh my gosh, you are SO beautiful. Sososo beautiful. And you look positively fairy-like. I can very easily imagine you living amongst the mosses and pines.

    I've got a proposition for you: I'm doing a series of oil paintings with the theme "natural beauty." Could I use the second one from the bottom as a reference pic? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  5. Great idea making prints available...and you do look like one of your paintings with the new wool dreads, such vibrant colors! I especially like the picture of you with your arm stretched over the water falls,like they are growing out of you! Most of my adventures have been with crocheting but I am working on more leaf bags and bought some awesome cut velvet from an etsy shop to make the leaves.

  6. Amazing dreads, did you wrap the multi colored ones? And what technique did you use? Gorgeous all the same :)_