Friday, January 7, 2011

New Pen and Ink drawings

Hello all,

I have been getting back into the habit of drawing and wanted to share with you these two new pen and ink illustrations I did this week:
Alien or Angel?
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

Bulb Goddess
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

With the cold and darkness of winter it seems I have fallen into a bit if a routine involving a lot of time cuddled up on the couch with my cat, my man, my sketch book and movies. Although recently I have been watching not much else other then episodes of Doctor Quinn Medicine woman( I love that show! I am so glad i can get the episode discs from netflix), Full Metal Alchemist( such a strange story line!) and X files( of course.) Recently I have found that i feel a lot less guilty about sitting around on my rump so much if i happen to be doing some drawing at the same time. So yes, I am sure there will be more drawings soon enough.

I was looking through some pictures files the other day and came across this photo:
window into summer2010
This was taken during last summer. Right-now in winter with all this cold and dark it is strange to realize only a few months ago our lil patch of world was so much hotter and brighter. The weather report claims snow for Tuesday and Wednesday, we shall see about that.

Anyhow, I cant even begin to tell you how thankful i am that its Friday.

Do enjoy the weekend.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I'm spending almost every night in the same way. Hot cocoa, blankets, a movie, a sketchbook/computer, and my boyfriend. So nice!

  2. Beautiful drawings, Chelsea! I've also recently returned to my love of ink drawings. I'd almost forgotten how fun it is. I agree with you about x-files. We like to watch (listen) to it in our house when we're creating. Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings.

  3. Sounds great :) Loving the new works too! And Full Metal Alchemist? Oh, man. I watched that show when I was around... 15? It was amazing. Get ready to shed some major tears at a bunch of different parts. And feel disturbed. Very disturbed.

  4. I am doing much of what you are! except I've been on a crochetting kick and making crochetted hemp bags too. I haven't heard of Full Metal Alchemist, that sounds intriguing. Its been awhile since I've sketched--I feel like I have to devote time to studying, exploring developmental psychology and bag making.