Monday, January 17, 2011

Psychic Eye painting, new silkscreen shirts, ribbon dreads, apron

Lots of new stuff to show off this morning.

Firstly, i finished a painting over the weekend:
Psychic Eye
Psychic Eye
14" x 14"
original acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose

Also listed two new Lucid Optic Lab creations:
Perception Mandala silkscreen print shirt
New silkscreen print shirt!
Purple Perception Mandala silkscreen print
hand designed, hand printed

Women's long sleeve shirt
92% cotton
8% spandex
size Medium
Bust 30"
selling for $20 here.

Evolve Mushroom silkscreen print shirt
Evolve Mushroom silkscreen print
hand designed, hand printed

Women's stretchy long sleeve shirt
95% cotton
5% spandex
Size XL
Bust: 39" un stretched
selling for $20 here.

I also wanted to show my new dreadly adornments:
Ribbon dread
Over the weekend i tied in some green and purple ribbons. Now that i have added in those psychedelic wool dreads + ribbons and beads I am really starting to feel they are extensions of my spirit. I had kept them plain for a long time so that they could be considered acceptable at work but i found 90% of the time i was wrapping them up so they were out of sight anyway. So i decided to go ahead and start adorning my locks. I feel they are becoming a thing of art, which i love and can truly feel with my soul!

In other news, check out my new apron:
New apron
My dear friend Dr.Bob kindly sewed it up for me. It was made from a vintage dress i found at the goodwill bins awhile ago. Strangely enough this is my first apron. Wearing an apron while painting was something i hadn't considered doing until recently when i realized that everything i owed has some amount of paint on it which was making it very hard to dress for work. I knew i wouldn't actually use apron unless it would be interesting enough for me to want to wear it. I think this apron is the one! I have it hung right before my painting table so that i have to walk by it to get to my easel. lets see if i can manage to remember to wear it!

So thats all the "newness" i have for you this Monday morning.

However, today is Marten Luther King Jr day. On the way to work I was listening to the DemocracyNow broadcast( listen to it here ) in which they were doing a special focusing on his anti war, anti violence and anti profiteering stance. Many of his words which he spoke about Vietnam are still extremely relevant to today's world affairs. I especially enjoyed a quote he recited during his "Beyond Vietnam" speech:

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -JFK

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. It's wonderful to see your new painting finished! I totally agree with the apron,I'd have to have an awesome one too! Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches still make me cry and they do ring down the years as something we have to answer to.

  2. Thanks for brightening up the rainy dreary weather with all the wonderful bright colors..8 )

  3. Your apron is so cute! I love the pattern.

    I remember listening to Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches in school. He was absolutely riveting. Chills every time.

  4. I just stumbled over here from forestlass and I'm so happy I did. Your work is brilliant and beautiful and you are such a pretty girl- those dreads! I love them and their ornaments.

  5. Dig the dreads :D

  6. I'll be 57 years old in a few weeks...but I must say - that if I could find someone to add art to my hair in the manner you have...I'd be one happy young lady!