Monday, January 31, 2011

New painting in the works plus painting time lapse video

So this weekend was great! Had the chance to meet up with a lot of lovely artistic minds and so I am all fired up and excited about new connections forged and the possibility of lots of awesome artistic collaborations in the near future. woohooo!
Meanwhile i got some work done on a new painting:
work in progress
work in progress painting on a 14" x 14" canvas
and i am super excited to share my first ever blog video! Its a time lapse of me working on the painting above. check it out:

We also shot video of Danny doing an Ebru( turkish papermarbling) session this weekend. Its being edited and when its all done i will be very happy to share it with you! We are thinking about making our own lil youtube channel for Lucid Optic Lab. The video quality isn't amazing but its really not bad at all considering we are using an IPod to record these!

And here is a cozy shot from home sweet home:
home sweet home
hanging out in the rockin chair with sushi cat. one of the less crowded stretches of wall in our apartment. running out of wall space rapidly!

How was your weekend? Any fun projects?

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab

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