Monday, March 21, 2011

My 1st time selling at the Portland Saturday Market

I have survived my first weekend as an art vendor at the Portland Saturday Market and here are some pictures to prove it:
Portland Saturday Market
Portland Saturday Market
It was a super cold raining weekend thus I heard a lot of vendors complaining of low I dont feel too disheartened at not making my goal of sales for the weekend. I did have some great purchases and some amazing conversations with people who stopped by my booth. I also was thrilled about how friendly my neighbor vendors were and how easy I made friends with them. The crafty vendors seemed to greatly out weighed the art vendors but i did find a few and had a great time talking, comparing notes and getting some great advice.
Speaking of advice, a few days before the market weekend I did a faerie oracle reading in which i pulled 'Iris of the Rainbow' and her message was pretty much "be aware that a lot of work is ahead but the outcome is glorious and fruitful." So im going to keep at it! I don't think its profitable to go every weekend,rain or shine so i will be a lil more choosy on which weekends i vend. But i am very excited that my artwork passed the jury, i survived my 1st weekend and that im now set for the rest of the year.
How was your weekend? any new ventures?
Many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Chelsea i'm sure your sales will improve the more you attend the market, get your face known, word of mouth will also bring in more potential buyers,your work is exquisite and unique and so will attract good interest i'm sure,You and your stall are so colourful you cannot fail but to attract. wishing you peace,love and good luck.

  2. hi chelsea. this is my first time to your blog. (i found you via another blog i read.) I was wondering about your booth set up. did you build/piece together the wire 'wall' yourself? I am trying to figure out how to construct a sturdy (hopefully not too heavy) wall to hang paintings and other creations, but fear it will not be stable enough. any advise?