Monday, March 28, 2011

Work in Progress- Mistress of the Orb

Hello all! I had a nice relaxing weekend. We decided not to vend at the Portland Saturday market because of the rather rainy/windy weather so i got to sleep in and then work on house and art projects. I started my "Mistress of the Orb" painting. Here are a few work in progress shots:

Orb work in progress

This is how much i have done so far. I painted the background as a ebbing yellow orange vortex of sort and then drew the Mistress on over it with my India ink pens. So today when i get home i get to start laying down the first layers of color into the Mistress and her Orb.

Orb work in progress

Orb work in progress

You might be noticing that i am not painting in the art room of my apartment...but that i have effectively taken over the dining room area. See...the other day when i was at the art store looking for canvas my mom called, whom i hadn't talked to in awhile, so as i shopped I was distracted. When i got home i realized that for whatever reason the canvas that i bought was much much bigger then I intended it to be. So much that it wouldn't fit on my table top easel in the art room. Thus, I set up one of my large display easels and took over the dining room. It was a nice change! Anyway...I will keep posting photos as i work more on this painting. Maybe Danny will take another time lapse video of me painting, we shall see.

In other news on Saturday we went to the "Better Living" show at the Portland Expo center because we learned that Fungi Perfecti would be there with a booth selling their awesome mushroom grow kits. We bought a great in home grow kit for Shiitake mushrooms. In a few days we will begin growing our own yummy fungi! We also bought Reshi Mushroom( very good medicinal mushroom for things like blood pressure, bodily organ balancing, immune booster and cancer preventor which we will turn into tea.) Only since they didn't have the grow kits we bought Reshi Mushroom spore plugs. The idea is to plant the plugs into a freshly cut hardwood log( maple or alder preferably), water and wait for the mushrooms to begin growing. I cant wait!!! But we haven't found our log yet...still on the hunt for that. So thats the scoop as to what we have been up to.

How are your weekend?

what projects are you working on?

Love and Light,

-Chelsea Rose


  1. i hope your shiitake mushrooms grow well! we've grown a couple kits and its fun. Though getting them to re-generate didn't go so well.

  2. I adore the illustration on top of the vortex just as it is! But hence, i know it must Evolve. Looks great on the larger canvas. The universe must be saying go BIG right now because my latest two pieces are quite large too. Mushrooms see to be popping up everywhere I turn, or step. Good luck with them...

  3. yes...GO BIG. Ouali has been saying...more big more clear...go EXTRA LARGE! BIG IS CLEAR. BIG DOES NOT NOT LIE!!