Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished Acrylic painting and new Goddess Posters for sale!

Good Morning! I have survived another weekend and have some fruits of labor to share with you.

Over the weekend I managed to finish up this painting I have been working on:
finished painting
(Angel or Alien?
14"x14" orginal acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose )
...I took this photo as the gloss varnish was drying.

She started off as a pen and ink drawing i did a couple months back:
Alien or Angel?
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)
...its always interesting to see what sort of changes the original concept drawing goes through as i work on turning it into a painting. I had a lot of fun painting this peice because I used my two favoerite colors as my pallete basis: green and purple. I did a video/time lapse recording of me putting the first layers of color on the painting. check out my work in progress video here.

So now that she is done I need to decide on which of the following drawings to turn into a painting next....

This one:
Mistress and the Orb
(Misstress of the Orb, orginal pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

Or this one:
Bulb Goddess
(Bulb Goddess, orginal pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

....which one do you think I should paint next?

I am also in the process of releasing some new prints I had made of some of the photos from my The Goddess In All of Us series.
In this photo you see the Goddess posters: size 13"x19" which I am selling for $20 each.

This shows the 8"x10" prints which I am selling for $15 each.
I am working on getting all of these new prints avilaible in our etsy shop for purchase. Should be all listed and ready for purcahse by tonight. So keep an eye on the shop for our new listings!

Thats it for now!
Much love and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Your work is so beautiful. I enjoyed watching the time lapse video. I vote for mistress of the orb next, she's lovely.

  2. She came out so beautifully! It was fun to watch you paint some of her. Where is the time lapse video?

  3. Love the purple/green combination on the angealien! Purple is my fave colour., i agree with the Wildish Woman my vote is for the mistress of the orb :-)

  4. yes I vote for mistress of the orb too! and I love the green purple combination and the goddess posters are a fabulous idea!