Monday, January 23, 2012

Work in Progress shots + Blowout art poster SALE


Over the weekend I got a lot done on my painting in the works.

Check out these Work In Progress photos:

art projects in black and white
Its strange but interesting to see my color paintings in black and white. In this photo you can see the original pencil concept sketch for the painting.

This photo is showing the first layerings of color on the flowers.

Work in progress acrylic painting
Lots of work was done this weekend on painting in the forest. Now to start working on her dress more. She is gettin there!


And, I am doing a huge huge huge SALE on all the art posters in our online shop!!

here are some photos of the posters to entice you :)

The details of the sale are as follows:

All of our fine art giclee 13"x19" art posters were originally $20 each but we have slashed the price in half.

Posters are now on SALE for $10 each + reduced shipping costs.


We are rethinking the print sizes we offer for sale and so we have decided to stop printing this poster size. Thus, we have listed all of our remaining art poster stock for sale in our etsy shop. Grab em up HERE while the supply lasts.

Much Love and Light!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. She is quite a creature......Has a very inquisitive energy about her....

    1. She is rather inquisitive isn’t she? I do believe she is gathering up flora specimen to study at her leisure :)

  2. Hey I followed you here from Outlaw/Slave/Machine. I followed you on my tumblr too just to make sure I see your stuff. I love your photos ! It's so great to see inside of someone's space and it looks like you have a lot going on. So congrats on that. Just wanted to say hi and take care.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the follow. I hope you enjoy all my lil artly postings. Always happy to share. Awesomeness!

  3. I love your Style, just LOVE your Style...!

    1. Yay! Very pleased you enjoy. Thanks much and blessings to you.