Friday, January 6, 2012

Merlady, new finished acrylic painting plus work in progress photos

Happy Friday all.

I finally finished the mermaid painting I had been working on:
16" x 20"
original acrylic painting on canvas by Chelsea Rose
(granted the colors are a bit off in this photo but in these dark days of winter its getting hard to find good light to photograph things! Will try for a better photo someday soon I hope. )

She started out by being birthed from the tip of my pen:
Drawing time

here is the finished pen and ink illustration:
....As you can see, this merlady started out with a considerable amount of attitude. Later,when I went to paint her I kept some of her spunk but tried to soften her expression just a bit.

Somewhat interesting story on how the painting first began to materialize:
Painting Demo in the Annex
Painting Demo in the Annex
Painting live in the Annex
...if you have seen the dozens of photos of my lil art studio that i like to post, you might have recognized that In the photos above I am not working at home. I had been invited to do a live painting demo at "Portland Saturday Market Annex shop" in downtown Portland Oregon where prints of my work were being sold for a period of time. I showed up with all my painting gear, not really knowing what I was going to paint till the brush hit the canvas. I couldn't get my recent mermaid drawing out of my head and so I drew her out on the canvas as best as my memory could serve and began fleshing her out with bits of color and line detail. So yes, the mermaid began as a painting in a serendipitous fashion. I had so much fun painting in the shop, answering curious customer's questions and feeding off of their opinions, ideas and excitement.

I contuied to work on her at home for many a' moon. Here are some of the progress photos:
Work in progress close up

Work in progress Mermaid

work in progress

....So thats that! Prints will be avilaible of her in my online shop once I get a better photo of the painting.

I am excited for this weekend. I have so many concept drawings I am burning to start working into paintings. Wish me luck!

Much love and light...and Happy New Year!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Ugh! she is gorgeous!! I like the subtle change in facial expression. At first I didn't think I did but it gives her a hidden wisdom that I think expresses a confident woman. Or maybe I am reading much to much into it. Looking forward to the prints in the shop!

  2. She is wonderful.......You really do a wonderful job......Very inspiring, back to the workshop for me.....

  3. @girlunwinding Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think you reading too much into it at all. Always curious to hear people’s views! Check for updates...hope to have prints in my etsy shop soon.

    @Raggle Taggle Gypsey Girl ...Very happy to inspire and be inspired! Thanks very much for enjoying.

  4. Great work as always. Love seeing the process unfold through photos.

  5. Hey Marcus! Long time no chat. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by. Always looking forward to seeing your new work, especially your poetry. Much love!

  6. I so love your works.. I hope I will be able to someday create such gorgeous colors!