Friday, August 7, 2009

Inspiration Friday-Amazing artists

Let us begin with a quote on inspiration:
"It is the dark song in the gypsy soul, the black light that enflames the canvas, the spark that enlarges the heart."
-a line from the book: Stoking the Creative Fires by Phil Cousinaeu. I was given this book yesterday by my guardian art angel of Oregon, Tiffany Ruth. I started reading this book today on my morning bus ride to work and was captivated by that line because it is a good piece of TRUTH.

I would like to start out with an artist i first found out about through flickr:
Brett Manning

One of her most recent pieces that i have fallen in love with:

titled "Time does not Exist"-ink and colored pencil, 11x14.
I love the way she works with ink and pencil-its practically a spiritual experience! I do feel her work is very shamanic in that it speaks to me about the ongoing battle between the world of man and man made vs the world of nature and the spirit path. It is not often that a piece of work can send chills down my spine but her illustrations are very iconic i feel for the present times, this age and its conflicts. To see more of her stuff visit her website or read her awesome blog! Oh, and she does a great job merchandising- check out her online shop!
another breathtaking artist that i found on
Lady Orlando

"I'm not an artist, a painter, a singer, a photographer, a poet, a human, a child, a man, a woman, a cat, animal, mineral, vegetal, a ghost or a dream.

I'm not nothing of this and I am all."
-Lady Orlando

this piece is titled "Alchemy "- a mixed media illustration by Lady Orlando that i feel captures the essence of the divine/cosmic energy of creation- the spark that flames and fumes - forever changing the one who channels it into new form.
Lady Orlando does a lot of her work within drawing journals.
Her character and creatures fascinate me. i love the way she seems to create them with a good measure of culture- it feels very folk and so very very whimsy. delicious.
To view more of her work please visit here

Another cherished artist:Michelle Mia Araujo

"Across the Nile"
16x20" (23"x27" framed)
Acrylic on wood you can see her acrylic paintings are like poems- full with strings of enchanting images that create endless interest and revelation/metaphor. I love how her work is so smooth almost like cream with an intensely bewitching glow. Each new piece she puts out i gobble up with my eyes- i could spend hours viewing her pieces, gazing upon them and seeing something new each moment. and there is a rule with this artist- you MUST view her work in its largest size so that you can better appreciate the ornate loveliness. to see more of her work please visit her flickr account:
...and you know I have come to feel that i talk entirely way too much about myself within this blog. There are so many amazing artists that lite my fire- i have so much to say in regard to them, so perhaps every Friday or so i will begin doing these inspirational artist blog posts in hopes of helping get this enchanting artwork out unto new audiences where they can continue to ignite peoples souls and quicken thirsty hearts!

So those are just a few of the Artists that hold the power to quicken my heart and send me running for my paint brush!

Id like to thank all of them for creating and sharing their visions, their unique cosmic truths via such bewitching artworks!

Much love, always...
-Chelsea Rose

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