Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucid Update

So, its August now and our July Summer Sale has commenced. Thanks so much for the support everyone- your purchases went a long way in helping fund for more art supplies which is always a real need 'round here! Along with August comes my birthday. I will be 22 years old on the 15th. I don't have any special plans- just to quietly rejoice and appreciate life( i know, im so boring). I am hoping to be super busy this month- pumping out new paintings to display along with my others come September for my first solo gallery show. I'm starting to get a lil nervous! Which is good- its lit a fire under my bum.

Here is a snapshot of a new painting i finished a couple days ago:
River Spirit- snap shot
At the moment its titled "River Spirit."
18" x 24" acrylic on stretched canvas.
I believe I am ready to varnish it and then i will have to ask Danny to help me take better quality pictures of it.
I would have been finished with this painting weeks ago had it not been for the 10 day heat wave that had me trapped in my tiny bedroom with all the shades drawn and our lil ac going. My studio is set up in the living room of our apartment and it was so hot in that room that my paint would dry to my pallet as i mixed. Not to mention i am a complete wimp when it comes to heat and that i suffer from dehydration and heatstroke at the drop of the hat. i think my blood would much prefer an existence on some cold misty rock in Ireland- as my ancestry speaks-as well as my pale skin testifys- refusing to tan but breaks into lobster red after 10 mins in the sun.
ah well.

The other day i posted a new item in our online shop:
Presenting "The Green Man" print in green on a white T-shirt.

Original Illustration by Chelsea Rose

Sizes available: Medium and XL

available for $20 + shipping here

This illustration was originaly drawn for a dear friend of mine for a trade. He asked me to paint him a painting of "the Green Man" in exchange for him doing my first tattoo. I really love the way "the Green Man" turned out and it has only be just recently that i started printing the illustration on 5"x7" cards and doing t-shirts.

Onto other news:
Over this past weekend Danny and i managed to whip up a monstrous load of tie-dye, which will be done washing by today- so we will be taking pictures soon and posting them up in our online store. We also intend on doing some of the local farmers markets for the next couple of weeks to see how much of the tie-dye we can get rid of. I love farmers markets and its always a pleasure to get out there and meet the community in such a way- especially meeting the local farmers whom i have much respect for. Someday id love to be a producer of my own foods- its amazing what a lil soil, seed and water can do.

I do hope everyone is enjoying this summer- i fear winter may be harsh again since we have had so much heat in this season. But i can already say( and I never thought id say this last year when we had 4 feet of it but...) im dreaming of snow!

Much love to all!
-Chelsea Rose

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