Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Tie-Dye

I write this baring news of a new batch of tie-dye Danny and i completed the other weekend. So far we have listed 4 new long sleeve tie-dye pieces that are sure to be loved! Available now in our online shop in the tie-dye section for a very thrifty price!

Let us start out with "Cosmic Berry" tie-dye shirt:
Cosmic Berry tie-dye
(photography courtesy of Danny's creative photographic eye and abilities!)

Its a youth's large/ adult small.
100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt dyed with procion mx teal, purple, and magenta dye
This is one of our favorites from the new batch!
for more info, pictures and to purchase click here

Another tie-dye jewel:"Sash"

Sash tie-dye
This one is super vibrant with its bright red and teal. The red sash comes all the way around connecting at a nice angle at the side, hip with an interesting vertebra pattern within its middle.
of course this baby was hand dyed with lots of love
its a 100% cotton woman's Large long sleeve shirt
... available for purchase here

And this one is called "Purple Thunder":
Purple Thunder tie-dye shirt

a nice 100% cotton, slightly ribbed fabric with an elegant v neck button up collar
woman's size medium in lovley colors of dark purple and teal!
click here to see our online shop listing for more pictures and info!

And last, but certainly not least: "Purple Midnight"
Purple Midnight tie-dye shirt
Purple Midnight tie-dye shirt
Purple Midnight is another sash pattern variation with the most soothing of colors: cobalt blue and raspberry dye( creating a lovely harmony together). This one is perfect for the lover of tie-dye who doesn't always like to wear jarring colors.
This piece was also hand tie-dyed with lots of love, like all our tie dye!
its 100% cotton long sleeve woman's small shirt and available for purchase in our online shop

...and you can tell you that there is certainly more where that came from! Every day i intend to list a new tie-dye piece from our latest batch so stay tuned and see what pops up next.

Recently i was in Target for some odd reason and i happened to walk by a clothing rack in the woman's department that was full with dozens of identical tie-dye shirts. Same pattern, same colors, same details- it was errie. Upon closer inspection i realized that these tie dyes were not tie-dye at all but machine printed! can you imagine my horror? After all, tie dye is charming because its made one of a kind, no two identical, hand made by happy creative hands. Who could possibly wear a machine fabricated tie-dye and feel good about it?
Its soullessness, thats what it is!
As one can most probably tell, i felt deeply offended and left the store. So mark my words: Beware of the machine made souless tie dye!
Make it a point to buy tie-dye from your local entrepreneurs. I cant stress enough how crucial it is to remember how important hand made artisan art and craft is to humanity. I know right now in this world, where so much is being mass produced, it is sometimes very hard to find something tenderly and happily hand made and local but we must strive to keep craft, art and community alive and the best way to do that is by supporting it!
It is also important as a consumer to realize that by buying handmade goods from individual artists instead of mass produced goods from corporations one is effecting major positivity in the world around them.

So, a big hug and a big thanks for hand made, art and craft supporters! We couldn't do it without you.

Peace n Love!
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic


  1. Those shirts turned out amazing! You and your boyfriend have some real tie-dye skills! I tried to tie-dye my sheets once. All I got in the end was an orange mess that slowly faded into a yellow mess with each washing. Hahah. Oh well. It was worth it to try. Can't wait to see what you produce next!

  2. Thanks so much! we are still experimenting- its so much fun to do. we cant seem to help ourselves.
    More to come soon!

  3. "Cosmic Berry" is rocking my world, in fact they are all very pretty. Target imitation tie-dyes ain't got nothin' on your girl. :-)

  4. the cheeks! i want to squish them!