Monday, August 17, 2009

more and more TIE DYE and Birthday news

This weekend was amazing. The 15th was my 22nd birthday and i had such a lovely time. Needless to say, this birthday was much more pleasant then the last one when last year i was laying in bed in complete shock and agony after being rear ended by a spreading freight truck on the freeway! An experience like that really makes you realize how precious and fragile life can be and that lil bit of perspective was in its self a gift. But...while this year's birthday was much more mellow and less tragic, it also refreshed my gratefulness for life. When caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily drudge one can loose their grip on the good honest truth of things- the wealth of love and greatness that fills each day. Im lucky to be here, alive and well with such great friends and family to look after me! Thanks everyone for all the birthday blessings.

I do have some more tie-dye to share. Take a look at what we listed in our online shop over the weekend:

Blue Bell Tie- Dye Sundress:
Blue Bell Tie Dye Sundress
Blue Bell Tie Dye Sundress
one of a kind Medium(M) 100% cotton hand tie dyed sundress!
chest: 36"
...its super sweet and comfy- perfect for a lovely summer day in the garden, on a forest trail, strolling down to the beach, checking out the farmers market and more!
For more info or to purchase click here

Purple Spider Tie-dye shirt:
Purple Spider tie-dye shirt
Here is Danny modeling "Purple Spider" Tie-dye shirt.
a Unisex shirt with flare.
for purple lovers everywhere!!( its my favorite color, don't you know?)
hand tie-dyed with lots of love!
100% cotton sleeve crew neck shirt- size M( 38-40)
available to purchase here

Ploy Pink Tie-Dye shirt:

Ploy Pink tie-dye shirt
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love
55% cotton/45% polyester
woman's short sleeve shirt size Medium
Bust= 38"
Danny and i really dig the way the colors came out kinda like sherbet. Its a nice muted tie-dye perfect for the tie-dye enthusiast who likes to wear more mellow tones.
click here to view/purchase

Orb Forest Tie-Dye Hoodie:
Orb Forest tie-dye hoodie
Orb Forest tie-dye hoodie
I feel that this is certainly one of the most lovely of all tie-dye pieces my hands have ever created. It sold the first night we put it up in the shop to one of my dear internet soul friendlies and best customers. This makes me happy- knowing this piece of art will be going to such appreciating hands. Its a shame i had only found one of this nice V neck hoodie- i would have liked to make a batch of a few different sized pieces. but alas- as is with all my tie-dye: its a one of a kind find and cant be replicated!
So fare thee will Orb Forest Hoddie- you shall be shipped today to your new home!

Thats if for new Tie-Dye highlights, but we still have more to post from this batch so keep an eye on our shop for new listings!

In other news...over the weekend i broke out my water colors, finally! Its been a long time since i have played around with them- its a nice break from all the acrylic painting i have been doing lately. I have three fun lil pieces i did yesterday that i will be scanning and sharing with you soon!

My solo gallery show finally has an oficial date: September 18th! T.Ruth Artspace! cant wait! we are only a few steps away from having the postcards/flyers ready so stay tuned.

Much love and best wishes, always!
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic


  1. That hoodie is gorgeous! I can see why it sold in one day. Congratulations again on your show. It must be so exciting!

  2. Thanks Megan! it is exciting. This show has lit a fire under my bum- and im painting like a mad woman. which is a good thing, i swear!

  3. hey, happy belated birthday! there's something coming in the mail for you. and i'm sooo excited for your you and your show! i'm sure it'll go swimmingly :)